Miss Rabbit's Bump is the first episode of Season 13.


(Peppa Reads title card)

Narrator: One day at Rebbeca and Richards House when Peppa, Suzy, George and Emound visited

Rebbecca: My aunties got a baby in her tummy

Richard: I wanna see

Rebbecca:You'll have to wait

(Richard turns into Rickhulk)

Rickhulk:Rickhulk Smash I wanna see baby

Great Grandpa Bull: Control Yourself

(Rickhulk tranforms into Richard)

Richard: Thats Better

George: Wanna play Dinosour

Richard: Yes

Emound: Me too

(Miss Rabbit walks in with Mr. Bunny)

Mr. Bunny: I hope the baby will come soon

Niss Rabbit: Yes OWWW!

(Miss Rabbit feels pain so she goes to the hospital)

(At the Hospital)

Mr. Bunny: Is it a boy or a girl

Miss Rabbit: Their both

(A day later)

Peppa: what did you name your babies 

Miss Rabbit: Benny Bunny and Belinda Bunny

The End

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