Miss Rabbit and Mr Hare

Miss Rabbit's Wedding is the 52nd episode of the 12th season of Peppa Pig, Making it the 12th season's finale.


After meeting Mr. Bunny, Miss Rabbit and Mr. Bunny start Dating. After getting to know eachother, Mr. Bunny proposes to Miss Rabbit, and Miss Rabbit decides to marry him.

Full Transcript

Title : Miss Rabbit's Wedding

Narrator : Today, Miss Rabbit is at work.

(Camera zooms in, and Miss Rabbit can be seen, Working at the Grocery Store, about to give the Pigs their items)

Mummy Pig : Thanks, Miss Rabbit.

Miss Rabbit : Goodbye! Have a nice day!

Peppa : Miss Rabbit, Before we leave, can I ask you a question, Please?

Miss Rabbit : Sure, What's your question?

Peppa : Why aren't you married like Mummy Rabbit?

George : Yuck!

Miss Rabbit : Ummm... *Thinking* Uhhh, I don't think I know how to get married.

Daddy Pig : Come on Peppa and George!

Peppa : Bye Bye, Miss Rabbit!

George : Baibai!

  • *The Pigs Leave*

Miss Rabbit : *Sigh* I don't think I will ever be able to find a Husband.

  • Mr. Bunny runs into the building*

Mr. Bunny : I think I need a soda. *puts a coin in a vending machine and gets a soda*

Miss Rabbit : What's the matter?

Mr. Bunny : I'm lonely and I don't have anyone to date

Miss Rabbit : You can date me

Mr. Bunny : Sure

(The Next Day)

Narrator : Peppa and George are at home, eating their cereal.

Mummy Pig : Peppa! George! Everyone in town has made a big yardsale where you can sell your used toys and buy them from others! Do you wanna go there?

Peppa : Yes, Please!

George : No.

Daddy Pig : George, I think they will have dinosaur toys there too.

George : DINE-SAW! Rawrrr!

(Everyone laughs)

Narrator : Peppa and her family are going to the yardsale in town.

(Peppa looks through a window in a restaurant they pass by)

Peppa : Mummy! Daddy! George! Look! It's Miss Rabbit!

Mummy Pig : And another rabbit!

Daddy Pig : No, he's not a rabbit, he's a bunny!

Peppa : Silly Daddy! There is no difference between a rabbit and a bunny.

Daddy Pig : My bad silly me

(They go to the yardsale and buy stuff)

George: DINE-SAW! Rawrrr!

(The Pigs go to the Supermarket)

Peppa: Oh. It is closed.

Daddy Pig: I know! We could go to the Dale & Benny's Museum for some food!

Peppa: The Dale & Benny's Museum doesn't sell food.

Daddy Pig: They just added a cafe in the museum.

Peppa: Oh.