Upupupupupupu... Go ahead and Meet the Ginormous Despair into nothingness!!
— MonoPiglet
MonoPiglet is An Antagonist in the Violent Mystery YouTube Movie Peppa Pig: Ultimate Evil!

He is Very strange Pig and A darker Judge, whom Executes People as A Punishment for Being found Guilty in a Class Trial.

He Is Voiced By Trent Morrison.


MonoPiglet looks like George Pig, But has a Split Body, Black eyes, 2 white pupils, A red left eye with smoke coming out. Pink Blood sticking out of the eyes, and A Giant Pink Blood Stain on his Clothing. The Blood is Pink since he Came from The Danganronpa Universe.


MonoPiglet is a Ruthless, Evil, And Sociopathic Robot used by The Antagonistic Mastermind.