Peppa: (walks into Morshu's Shop) I want some adventure supplies.

Littlebat10: She's going camping with me her brother George and George's friends Richard and Edmond.

Morshu: Lamp oil, rope, bombs! You want it? It's your my friends, as long as you have enough Rupees.

Littlebat10: Here are some Rubies!

Peppa: Let's get our stuff!

After a shopping spree, in Littlebat10's Jeep

Peppa: We have everything! Let's go!

They drive away.

Meanwhile, at Morshu's shop,

Morshu: These aren't Rupees! These are Rubies! I've been scammed! To the MMMMMMJet! (gets in Bomber Jet)

The next morning,

Peppa: Swimming! I love swimming!

Littlebat10: Ski ba bop ba dop bop! (5x) SCATMAN! Hey! A bomber!

Morshu: MMMM You want bombs? (bombs lake)

Littlebat10: Morshu's bombing the lake!!! Send out the Pingases!


Morshu: Oh no!

Pingas Heads: SNOO PINGAS USUAL I SEE! (hit Morshu's Plane)

Morshu: MMMMMMMM! (falls into Prison Truck)

Police guy: Got him!

The End

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