The episode begins with Phil and Lil and their family leaving their home for a 16 hour car drive to Peppatown. During that, they took a pit stop to the ice cream shop and Lil got a 3 scoop ice cream which had strawberry, banana and chocolate and she opted for it, but her mum said the ice cream would have to be refrigerated every so often as it was too large to be eaten in one go. Phil laughed, "At least it didn't have FOUR scoops" They soon arrive and unpack their things at their new house, which is four blocks away from where Peppa and her family lives. Daddy Pig decided that they should go to Phil and Lil's new house for a visit. Peppa and George could sleep in the lounge room but Peppa and George occasionally went upstairs to Phil and Lil's room for a visit and probable sleepover. Phil told Mummy Pig what a fun drive it is. hen, he showed her his worm collection. Mummy Pig says "Um, How Good" (which she was actually lying because it is gross). Peppa was interested in Phil so they went to the kids' bedroom and played with the train set. Then, Phil and Lil's mom told Peppa and George that they needed to sleep in the lounge room. In the lounge room, Peppa drew a picture of Phil and Lil (which was skillfully drawn) which she drew using her new markers. One day, Phil and Lil decided to play games with Peppa in the garden such as making mud pies, eating worms, and jumping in muddy puddles. But to their surprise, Peppa like jumping in muddy puddles. They found out what an expert Peppa is at it. Then, Peppa's friends Rebecca Rabbit, Pedro Pony, Danny Dog,Freddy Fox and Suzy Sheep turned up on their bikes and scooters. They asked Peppa what Phil and Lil's names were, and she replied "Phil and Lil". Everyone played games with them happily. Then, Lil finished her ice cream and pooped in her diaper for a long time. Mummmy Pig and Daddy Pig told Peppa and George that it is home time. And just after they went home, Mummy Pig showed Phil and Lil Peppa's house and Phil and Lil left. To celebrate, Madame Gazelle sings the Bing Bong Song to Phil and Lil.


Coming Soon


  • Starting this episode, Phil and Lil will now live in Peppatown.
  • Phil and Lil's new house is four blocks away from Peppa's house.


Can anyone add pictures to go with this episode?

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