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Mr. Stronghorn is a Rhino who was a Main Anti-Hero in the Deppa Dsig series.He had a Great Hatred for Deppa and wanted to destroy her,but by season 2, he started to like the family and slightly redeemed himself, and he became a Watcher for Deppa, and he hated Perdoy Proony.He has a Very Gruff voicre and came from the Reckruim Park in South CA.He also fought in the battle of 5 armies and was the Guard over the Trunkman Treasure for years until he retired.He will make his last appeareance in The Season 5 Deppa Dsig Episode "The Last Stand of Mr. Stronghorn" in which he will save Deppa before she can be captured by a Unseen Villain.Mr. Stronghorn is one of the strongest characters in the series.


  • He is at least 76 years old
  • He disliked Deppa mainly because she acted like a bully to him and was mean to him when he visited the House, causing him to greatly hate her and the others.
  • He made a cameo in the Peppa Pig series Episode about the zoo.
  • He hates Perdoy Poony.
  • He fought in the battle of the 5 armies and was a mighty warrior.
  • He is a Enemy of Peppa.

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