uh oh here comes baby sheep nr. 2

Character :
Spencer Sheep
  • Suzy Sheep
  • Mr.Sheep
  • Sammy Sheep
  • Mr. Sheep

Mrs.Sheep : (walking to the living room)

Mrs. Sheep : guess what guys

Mr.Sheep : what

Mrs.Sheep : I'm Pregnant

Mr.Sheep (Screams) WHAAAT ???????

Mrs.Sheep : i took a pregnancy test and i came out + (Positive)

Mr.Sheep : but we just got Sammy 2 months ago

Mrs.Sheep : it's not my fault Dear , it's yours

Mr.Sheep : uh oh here comes baby No.2 (Nr.2)

Mrs.Sheep : don't worry dear , 3 kids will be fine.

Mr.sheep : (fake laughs) yeah , i guess

Suzy : beheheheh , but mummy uou tummy is not big , your smomah needs to big big while your pregnant

Mrs.Sheep : (Laughs) not yet suzy , i'm only a few days pregnant.


The new baby is Going to be a Boy .......... Again , According to the

  • Mrs.Sheep is 9 Months Pregnant, Due this Month

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