Peppa inside the treehouse, talking about muddy puddles


Peppa: Ah, how I love muddy puddles. Fun to jump in, fun to play in and GREAT to jump in if they're in Emily's flower garden and Emily's not home! Emily would get such a terrible shock! Nothing stops a little piggy with a big imagination like me!

[it starts to rain very heavily]

Mummy Pig: Peppa, come back in! You can't spend a heavily rainy day in a treehouse!

Peppa: But if I do it in my room, George will annoy me!

Mummy Pig: Well, I suppose it IS too rainy to go from one structure to another!

Peppa: Yes! Oh, as I was saying, muddy puddles rock! And it's heavily rainy today so there will likely be a ton of them when the rain stops!

[27 minutes later...]

[rain stops]

Peppa: Hooray! Puddles, puddles everywhere! *leaves treehouse and goes to the flower garden at Emily's manor* Emily's not home! *jumps into puddle*

[the flowers get all muddy]

Peppa: *sees Emily's limousine* I'm outta here! *runs off*

Emily: Why are the flowers as muddy as Peppa would make them if she were here! And the Protea Pink Ice and the Kaffir lily, some of the African native ones, are muddy too! Well, I suppose I can just wash them with pool water.

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