Mari pork

Mari at age 9

Based on the article Mummy Pig's Story


Growing up, Muma pork was known as Mari pork. Mari was very different to how she is today. She was considered a very normal pig. She loved horses and jumping in puddy muddles. However, she was born with bigger pupils than everyone else, which she was frequently teased for at school. Because of this, Mari didn't have any friends. Nobody wanted to be around her. As time went on, the teasing only got worse. Until at age 16, Mari decided to take a train and ride it very far. She eventually found a town called Pippaville, and decided to stay there. To make a living, she began working at the Pippaville shoe store. She became friends with Madame Bunny, who was also working there.

Meeting father pork

3 years later, Mari, now aged 19, was still working at the pippaville shoe store, when one day, Father pork (who at the time was known as Malus pork) walked in and asked where he could find some HUGE B O O T S. Mari gave Malus a huge pair of boots and he payed for them. Because he thought she was rly cute, malus asked mari her phone number. She told him and they made sure to keep in touch. 

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As years went by, mari and malus developed a very close friendship, which eventually became more than a friendship.

When mari was 21, malus proposed to her. Of course, she said yes. They bought a house and lived happily together.


At age 22, Mari gave birth to her first child. She named her Pippa pork. While pippa was considered a blessing, Mari realized that she wasn't ready for the responsibility of raising a child. She realized that now that Pippa was in their lives, she was going to be there for many years. This realization just about drove Mari insane. She developed a rare condition known as citsatkcarc. It didn't help much that 3 years later, they had another child named Girge


Muma pork is now 30 years old. Muma and Malus (now known as Father pork) have learned to love their new lives as a family. Muma's story from this point on can be seen in the series Pippa pork.


  • Father pork's Story can be read here

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