Mummy Elephant: *sighs* I wish we had another family Limo because Edmound dosn't like pink

Larry Limo: You can go to a Limo at a Limo Dealer my grandson newly built grandson Chase you can buy

Mummy Elephant: Thank you Larry

Dealer: So you want Chase? He's awesome, so you can have him for free.

Emily Elephant: Whats that?

Mummy Elephant: a new Limo, a family Limo. wanna check it out

Emily Elephant: Yeah

Chase Limo: Okay, so there are many suprises.

Emily Elephant: A POOL!!! Awesome!

Edmond Elephant: A libary? Good for all my reasearch!

Emily Elephant: So Lola is my limo and Chase is your's?

Mummy Elephant: Quite right!

feel free to continue

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