This is the story of Mummy Pig.


Mummy pig (or, in this case, Amanda) was raised by Granny pig and Grandpa pig. At that time they were called Mummy pig and Daddy pig. Mummy pig and Daddy pig made little Amanda do all kinds of things like plant seeds, feed the chickens, and get vegetables from the garden for lunch. After a few of doing this, Amanda got tired of going through the same routine.  At age 16, she ran away from her home (The reason why is still unknown.). She got a job, rode to work every day on a bike, and made 200 pounds in 6 months. One saturday night at a doughnut shop, Amanda met a guy named Percy pig (A.K.A Young Daddy pig) and it was love at first sight. They both got 2 doughnuts with sprinkles (Amanda got red sprinkles and Percy got blue sprinkles.) And talked the whole night away. Eventually, Amanda started staying at Percy's apartment. It was perfect for both of them and they lived there for 2 years. That was when Percy proposed to Amanda. She, of course, said yes, quit her job, and they both got a nice house on top of a hill.

Pam pig

Amanda Pig. or "Young Mummy pig"

3 years later, Peppa and George came along. Then Percy and Amanda changed their names to Mummy pig and Daddy pig.

The end! :D


  • Mummy pig was 18 by the time she got married and Daddy was 19.
  • Amanda getting red sprinkles on her doughnuts and Percy getting blue sprinkles on his may be the reason why Peppa and George's shirts/dresses are red and blue.
  • This story proably isn't true, but it seems like what would happen.

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