Peppa and George play a game and start to get bored. So then Mummy and Daddy Pig show what they can do while listening to music.



[title card]

[peppa and george go running outside]

Peppa: Catch, George!

[they play catch]

[couple of catches later]

Peppa: George, I'm bored, what do you want to do now?

[george shrugs]

[p&g go inside]

Peppa: Mummy, Daddy I'm bored.

Daddy: Why don't we play some games with music?

Mummy: Oh, yes. I know a lot of fun games we can play with music

Peppa: I know one! Let's play musical chairs!

[they play]

Daddy: That was quite fun, wasn't it?

Peppa: Yes, It was!

Mummy: How about we play musical statues?

Peppa: I remember playing that at edmond's birthday party!

George: *oink* *oink*

Narrator: George will be taking care of the music.

Peppa: Does everyone know how to play?

EB: Yes!

George: *oink* *Oink*

[game starts]

[daddy loses]

[mummy loses]

Peppa: I win!

Mummy: Good job, Peppa!

Peppa: What can we do know?

Daddy: How about we simply dance to music?

Peppa: Yes! That is really fun! I am the best dancer ever

[daddy puts on music]

[everyone dances]

Narrator: Peppa likes dancing to music, Everyone likes dancing to music



- There goes another re used line by the narrator...

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