My Cousin Elizabeth

Title card


Mummy Pig: *drops Peppa off at Elizabeth's manor* Bye, Peppa!

Peppa: Bye, Mummy! I've never met cousin Elizabeth before! What will she be like? *goes inside the manor*

Aunty Pig: You must be Peppa, my sister Amanda's daughter.

Peppa: I am and I'm looking for Elizabeth.

Aunty Pig: She's in her room, on the third floor.

Peppa: Thanks, Aunt Pig! *goes upstairs*

Aunty Pig: Don't be offended by her slight snobbishness!

Peppa: *goes into Elizabeth's room* Are you Elizabeth?

Elizabeth: Yes, I am. Are you Peppa?

Peppa: Yes! Hey, Elizabeth, what's your favourite thing to do?

Elizabeth: Well, I like to baton twirl, do ballet, paint pictures, do gymnastics and ice skate. What do YOU like to do?

Peppa: I like to jump up and down in muddy puddles!

Elizabeth: Urgh! Disgusting!

Peppa: Well, what do you expect, Elizabeth? I'm a pig!

Elizabeth: I don't jump up and down in muddy puddles and I'm also a pig. A high class one. Jumping up and down in muddy puddles makes you dirty.

Peppa: *goes downstairs* Aunty Pig! Elizabeth is being mean to me because I like jumping up and down in muddy puddles!

Aunty Pig: I told you not to be offended by her slight snobbishness, Peppa!

Peppa: Slight? SLIGHT!?!? This wasn't slight at all!

Aunty Pig: How about I take you and Elizabeth for a walk in the garden? Maybe you'd get on better that way.

Peppa: Yes, please!

Aunty Pig: Elizabeth, it's time for a walk in the garden with Peppa!

Elizabeth: *comes downstairs* I have to walk with Peppa? But she's so low class! She says she jumps up and down in muddy puddles!

Aunty Pig: This walk in the garden will be to help you get on better.

Elizabeth: Oh, all right.

Peppa: *puts her boots on*

Aunty Pig: Peppa, why are you wearing your boots?

Peppa: You'll see.

[Peppa, Elizabeth and Aunty Pig go to the garden]

Aunty Pig: You see, children, these are the roses, these are the daffodils, these are the poppies...

Peppa: *jumps into puddle*

Elizabeth: Mother, tell Peppa that jumping up and down in that muddy puddle will make her dirty!

Aunty Pig: Well, this wasn't a good way to get them to get along!

[They all go inside the manor]

Peppa: Just in time for The Mr. Potato Show! *turns on the TV*

Mr. Potato: (from the TV) Please welcome, your friend and mine, Mr. Potato! Here are today's exercises! *does exercises* Fantastic! We must all keep fit and healthy!

Elizabeth: You're really watching the Mr. Potato Show, Peppa? That's for babies.

Peppa: Ugh. Elizabeth is just like Emily Elephant, only she doesn't pretend to be African. Aunty Pig, I want to go home.

Aunty Pig: I'm sorry, but I can't do anything about this.

Butler: Your biscuits, Pamela. *gives Aunty Pig some biscuits*

Peppa: Hey, I have an idea! *goes up to Elizabeth's room* *changes into one of her dresses* *sneaks past the couch* *waits outside the limo* *rings a bell*

Butler: *comes* What can I do for you?

Peppa: Take me to 3 Astley Street, Peppatown, please.

Butler: Certainly.

[They get in]

Butler: *starts up the limo and drives it onto the road*

Goose: *lands on the road* Honk!

[The limo lands in a pond]

Peppa: Look at the muddy puddles we've made!

Butler: Elizabeth, I thought you hated muddy puddles!

Peppa: Did I sound positive to you?

Butler: You did, actually.

Back at the manor...

Elizabeth: Mother, I'm ready to go to the play!

Aunty Pig: Yes, but we're missing three things. Peppa, the butler and the limo.

Elizabeth: If we had Peppa with us at the play, she'd probably snort so loudly that everyone would look our way. Also, this manor has a train station and we get to go without tickets.

Aunty Pig: Good point, Elizabeth.

[They go to the train station and get onboard]

[The train starts]

Elizabeth: *sees the limo* Wait. Isn't that all the things that were stopping us going to the play because of their absence?

Aunty Pig: Good eye, Elizabeth. And our limo's covered in mud!

Grandad Dog: *tows the limo out of the pond in his truck*

Elizabeth: Look! It's getting towed out by that rusty old thing!

Butler: Is it just me, Elizabeth, or is that you on that train?

Peppa: It's you.

Grandad Dog: *stops the truck* Now, let's have a look at her. *opens the bonnet* This could take some time.

Butler: Now, where do you want to go to pass the time?

Peppa: Look, the new Dog's Pizza outlet! Let's go there!

Butler: First muddy puddles, then a rusty tow truck, and now a pizza takeaway? Man, is she turning low class?

[They go to Dog's Pizza and sit down]

Uncle Dog: *comes to the table* Welcome to Dog's Pizza, what can I get you today?

Peppa: One pepperoni pizza, please.

Uncle Dog: *writes it down* Sure!

Peppa: PeppEroni? Don't you mean PeppAroni?

Uncle Dog: Trust me, I know my pizza. Anything else?

Peppa and Butler: Nope, that's all.

Uncle Dog: Very well. *goes to the kitchen*

[The phone rings]

Butler: *answers it* Hello?

Aunty Pig: It's Pamela Pig. Why did you and Peppa leave when we were going to go to the play? You know only to obey me and Elizabeth!

Butler: Peppa? What? I've got Elizabeth with me.

Aunty Pig: No, I have. I'll prove it. Elizabeth, say hello.

Elizabeth: Hello!

Aunty Pig: Ha! Now put me onto your 'Elizabeth'. Tell me, 'Elizabeth', what's your middle name?

Peppa: Um... um... Piggins?

Aunty Pig: No, Scropherson! That just proves it! You're Peppa! Put me back onto my butler, please.

Peppa: *puts her onto Butler*

Aunty Pig: I just asked her a test question and she's Peppa alright. I knew it from when I saw you in the limo.

Butler: Well, she has been showing a few low class traits - I'm even calling you from a pizza takeaway!

Aunty Pig: What?

Butler: You heard right. And when we ordered a pepperoni pizza, she thought it was spelt with an A, not an E. And why do you have your phone on in a play anyway?

Aunty Pig: Well, you see, we 've left the play. And now, Elizabeth's going out with some girls she met. Well, goodbye! *hangs up*

Butler: Alright, Peppa, thanks to you, I've crashed my limo, and now, we're at a pizza takeaway.

Uncle Dog: The pepperoni pizza. *puts it on her table*

Peppa: Straight to the table. Call that takeaway?

Butler: They're getting takeaway. Look!

[Background characters are shown getting takeaway at the counter]

Butler: Anyway, Peppa, how dare you trick me into thinking you were Elizabeth!

Peppa: It's just,... *sighs* I thought I was doomed to a whole weekend with Elizabeth, so I put on one of her dresses to make you think I was her, and asked you to drive me home. But it was the wrong thing to do.

Butler: I hope you've learned your lesson, young pig.

Peppa: Nope.

Butler: Why, you...

[Emily, Lisa, Brianna and Elizabeth come in and sit down at a table]

Emily: I can't believe someone as high class as you can be Peppa's cousin.

Lisa: I agree.

Brianna: Even more.

Peppa: *sighs*

Butler: You owe an apology.

Peppa: No.

Butler: I will be following you everywhere I see you and make you apologize.

Peppa: Don't stalk me.

Butler: whatever !

Brianna : so peppa why are you pretenting to be elizabeth ?

Peppa: shes mean and a jerk and shes bossier than me !

Brianna : next time if you dress up like her agian you will be sorry Peppa bossy ugly pants pig !

Peppa: your an idiot ! Brianna no one cares ! and Elizabeth is mean like you Brianna ! and so yeah and this is you Brianna ! ohh look at me Brianna is a baby ! who talks to much ! blah blah blah blah blah ! ( Peppa laughs )

Butler: seriously ? this is kinda funny ! (bulter laughs ) and ( peppa laughs )

Brianna : seriously Peppa ! not cool and not funny ! !!!!!!!!

( lisa laughs and emily laughs )




Emily : sorry Brianna but i said WHO CARES !!

Lisa : i have to agree with Emily sorry Brianna !

Emily : besides your not cool as much Brianna !!

Lisa : i agree with Emily  !

Peppa : i agree with Lisa and Emily !

PEPPA : Brianna why are you so mean all the time ?

Brianna : because i am the leader of the group and I want everyone to call me the queen because i am the queen and no one cares what i say !!!

Peppa : chill down Brianna !!!!!

( Brianna was wearing makeup and she cried )

Brianna : its Like no one cares about how mean i am ! ! ( cries into her hands )

PEPPA : TruE !