Peppa: We're a great gang! Emma Poo's going to get defeated by us in no time!

Danny: Yeah. Hey, it's Coach Pony!

Mr Pony: Pedro, do you want to use my old camera? The army I used to be in used it to film sightings of enemies!

Pedro: Okay, Dad! *climbs down from treehouse, gets camera and takes it up to the treehouse*

Mr Pony: Bye, Pedro! Remember to do some housework once you're home! *walks off*

Peppa: Oh my hog. You have to do housework!?!?!?

Pedro: Yeah, but I find it fun.

Peppa: How can HOUSEWORK be... Never mind. Let's make a video of ourselves and put it on TV!

Suzy: But Peppa, Emily might see it and respond with another video like it but better!

Peppa: But we COULD give out tapes of it to our other friends like Rebecca, Zoe, Candy and Freddy but not to Emily, Lisa and Brianna, couldn't we?

Suzy: Well, I guess.

Danny: So, let's get started!

Suzy: Yeah. I'll film it. Wait. I'M HUNGRY!! *eats everything in her lunchbox*

Peppa: Oh, Suzy Sheep. You are just always hungry. Suzy?

Pedro: Look out the window. She's gone to the restaurant!

Peppa: Oh yeah! HEY SUZY! COME BACK!

Suzy: Okay. I guess I can't ALWAYS be hungry. *climbs tree to get to treehouse*

Peppa: So, Suzy, let's film this thing!

Suzy: Okay! *starts filming*

Peppa: Hi. I'm Peppa Pig and this is my gang. Here's Pedro, the token nerd.

Pedro: Peppa, could you please stop saying all that about me. But anyway, audience, I like to draw pictures and do housework. *starts crying and hides it by looking away*

Peppa: Pedro's sensitive. And here's Suzy, my best friend, the brain box and the big eater!

Suzy: Hi, I'm Suzy and I'm hungry right now. If there's some food you're too full to eat, GIVE IT TO ME! As always, I'm starving!

Peppa: OH COME ON SUZY! YOU'RE NOT HUNGRY ALL THOSE TIMES! YOU JUST LIKE FOOD! And here's Danny, the attractive boy!

Danny: Hey, it's me, Danny! Here are my dance moves! *dances*

Peppa: And that all there is to it and that's who we are! My gang!

Suzy: *ends video* Well done, Peppa!

Danny: Now, I'll give these to our friends! *goes away and comes back*

Peppa: You still have some left!

Peppa: They're for us when we're 75!

70 years later....

75-year-old Peppa: Back when I was only 5!

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