Naruto X Peppa Pig is Crossover, all Of Peppa Pig Characters Are Changed Into Naruto Characters.

All Characters Not Fighting, This is Not A Show, No Episodes, This is My Idea.


Team Daddy Pig/7

Danny Dog - Naruto - Dannuto Uzumaki

Pedro Pony - Sasuke - Pedruke Uchiha

Peppa Pig - Sakura - Peppakura Haruno

Daddy Pig - Kakashi - Kakashi Pig

Team Mummy Pig/8

??? - Kiba - ???

??? - Shino - ???

Suzy Sheep - Hinata - Suzata Hyuuga

Mummy Pig - Kurenai - Kurenai Pig

Team Mr. Elephant

Freddy Fox - Shikamaru - Freddamaru

??? - Chouji - ???

Emily Elephant - Ino - Emilino Yamanaka

Mr. Elephant - Asuma - Asuma Elephant

Team Sand

Wendy Wolf - Temari - Wenari

Simon Squirrel - Gaara - Siaara

Other Characters

Miss Rabbit - Anko - ???

Mummy Rabbit - Konan - Konan Rabbit

Mr. Zebra - Pain - Pain Zebra

Mummy Sheep - Shizune - Shizune Sheep

Others Coming Soon, I Have To Play Roblox

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