New School is the pilot episode of the Peppa Pig: Should I? Peppa episodes.


(Peppa runs into playgroup, all babies are in there)

Madame Gazzelle: Peppa, you don't come here anymore. You go to Piggy Elementary school.

(scene cuts to Piggy Elementary School)

Mrs. Fox: Hello, welcome to Class D. I am Mrs. Fox, your new teacher.

Peppa: I don't like this. Should I run away, or carry on listening?

Mrs. Fox: First subject: Maths, bla bla bla, 1. Bla bla bla, muitiply. Bla bla bla, [CENSORED]. Bla bla bla- (the reccess bell rings everyone runs out to play except Peppa) Peppa! Why don't you go out to play?

Peppa: I don't like this school. Shh! Should I run away or go out to play? Thanks! (Peppa runs out to play) Awwww...... a cute little puppie.

Danny: WOOF-WOOF! I'm not a puppy, Peppa. I'm Danny Dog.

Peppa: Should I.... kiss him? Naaah, why would I wanna do that!

Danny: Because you love me?

Peppa: No, I do not love you! And I never- (bell goes) Let's continue this at lunch.

Danny: Same time, same place.

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