Nick Gazelle is the brother of Ove Gazelle and was a silent film actor. 


Silent Film Career (1920-1929)

Nick started his career when he was six months-old in 1920. One of his greatest silent films was a Watch-O-Gram Studios series of cartoons called Nick's Comedies. In 1927, he starred in The Jazz Boy, the first sound film in the Peppaverse, but ended his silent film career two years later in 1929.

Music Career (1936-1974)

In 1936, Nick became an early teen idol after releasing his first record album, Rockin' Rollin'. Three years later he formed a band called The Gazelles and ten years later he formed another band called The Hot Boys.

Actor (1930-present)

After his nine years of fame were over, he starred in seven horror movies, the first ten franchises of The Quick and the Raging,  more than one hundred childrens movies, and several other movies.