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something about The cool dudes


We  open on Danny dog walking up to a cave. Then he's stopped by someone at the entrance.

Daddy pig: stop! show me your pass.

Danny: ~gets out a really cool pair of shades~

Daddy:'re in, bro. go on in.

inside the cave, there's a 15 person couch, a big tv, a giant bowl of mega rad chips, some video games, and a ton of cool dudes wearing shades.

Danny: ~runz in~ wassup bros!?


Danny: same here! :D ~sits on the couch and turns on the tv~

Pedro pony: ~playing Pekomon~ I CHOOSE YOU! HAHAHA :D

Freddy fox: Pedro, shut up. we're watching the game. ~crunches some chips~ play ur nerdy games somewhere else.

Pedro: but i've got this super cool Pekomon collection! ~shoves the collection in his face~

Freddy: dude! quit it!

Pedro: ugh. fine. ~picks up a book~

The rest of the cool dudes: ~gasps super loud~ AAAAAAHH!!!!!!

Pedro: what did i do? what did i do!? D':

Simon squirrel: ~walks up slowly~ Pedro. rule 20 says "No nerds allowed".

Pedro: but i'm NOT a nerd!

Simon: that nerdy book says otherwise.

Pedro: ~looks at the book, then back at the cool dudes. over and over~ this book is cool!

Simon: yea, but dat Pekomon collection tho.

Pedro looked at the Pekomon collection then back at the cool dudes. over and over.

Simon: Pedro, as of rule 17 i hearby banish you from The cool dudes!


Simon: sorry bro. hand over the shades.

Pedro:..~hands over his cool dude shades~ :'C

Danny: I'VE BEEN WAITING TO DO THIS FOR 2 MONTHS! ~throws pedro out of the entrance of the cave~ GOOD. FRIKIN. RIDENS.

Simon: now what? there's no one to make fun of now.

Richard rabbit: epic party?

Simon: nah. we do that every night.


Simon: dude! wtf!? do i have to banish you too?

Danny: you're right nevermind.

Simon: Fellow Cool Dudes! i regret to tell you, but, we are officially BORED. 

~everyone screams and runs in circles~

Freddy: hey! Pedro--

Danny: shh! do not speak that name here! you will from now on refer to him as 'That nerd'

Freddy: fine. that nerd left his Pekomon collection here. maybe.....

Richard: ~gasps~ never!

Freddy: guys. maybe it's not as bad as we think. there's enough cards for all of us.

Simon: fine. let's try it out :P

2 minutes later

Danny: I CHOOSE YOU!!!

Everyone: OOOOOOHHHH!!!!

Simon: nah dude. mine level 15 is water Pekomon. yours is level 14 fire. i beat you!

Danny: aw man.

Everyone: OOOOOOOOHHHH!!!!!!!!

Simon: XD we're totally keeping this thing. ~puts the collection away~

Pedro: ~walks back in~ hey guys! i forgot my Pekomon collection.

Freddy: too late, dude. we burned it.

Pedro: NOOOOO!!!! ~cries and runs away~

all: TROLOLOLOLOL ~throws the cards everywhere~ TURN UP!!!!

sorry if the end was short. i wanted to make it ironic XD


  • 'Pekomon' is an obvious parody of the popular card game 'Pokemon'

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