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Georg: Hi Peppa!

Peppa: AHHHHH! (becomes Nyan Peppa)


Nyan Peppa: Nya nya nya! (flys towards the house)

Crazy peppa

Nyan Peppa!

Mummy: Peppa, NO!

Nyan Peppa: (crashes through wall)

Daddy: What have you done?! You broke the TV I was going to get rid of!

Nyan Pepa: Nya Nya! (flies off)

Suzy: Oh my GOD!

Nyan Peppa: Sheep Power up! ( runs around trying to eat Suzy)

Suzy: Help! Peppa is trying to eat me!

Peppa: (turns normal) What happened?

Suzy: You tried to EAT me!

Mummy: You burst through the wall!

George: You scared me!

Daddy: You broke the TV I was going to throw out!

Mummy: Daddy Pig, what is wrong with you? That is a horrible reason to blame Peppa!

Daddy Pig: You're right.

Peppa: OH, MY, GOD! It's HeroPeppa!

Nyan Peppa: I'm Nyan Peppa! I have the Herobrine power up! (white eyes fade away) Its worn off! Oh well. Nya nya! (flies off)

              THE END


  • There is a crazy nyan version of Peppa on the loose! Call the Peppatown police!

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I wanted it to sound a liiiiitle more better... sooooo yeah.