Previous: Nyan Peppa

Peppa: We need to catch Nyan Peppa!

George: Yes, we must.

Peppa: George can speak normaly now?

George: I would say more, sophisticated. Well, I will go to the Police Station and report Nyan Peppa now. Bye! (walks off)

Mummy Pig: Who taught him to speak?

Edmond: (while walking by) I did!

Nyan Peppa: (flys in)Hahahahahaha!

Peppa: After her!

Epic chase scene.

Nyan Peppa: You have me!!!

Peppa: Alright Pinhead! Your time is up!

Nyan Peppa: Who ya callin Pinhead?

Littlebat10: I will now take away your crazy powers!

NyanPeppa looses her powers and explodes.

The End

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