narrator: it is the day of the big games! and peppa was getting ready to go to the big games!

peppa: are you sure this dress is OK?

daddy pig: it is just fine!

meanwhile at eric's house...

eric: it is gonna be perfect!

at the games...

speaker: welcome fans to the big games! so the odd blocks vs the even tops!

candy: OK team! if we don't win... it does not matter! OK?

odd blocks: OK!

sister in black: OK even tops! lets win this prize!

even tops: GO EVENs!

speaker: OK! the first game is the pop quiz!

(crowd cheering)

lady in pink: eight! great!

peppa: Emily! your on!

speaker: OK! first round! Emily! who came first in the shopkins cart rally?

Emily: toasty pop!

speaker: right! eight! which on as pedro pony been to on his 3rd holidays?

eight: um.... uh.....

professer bug: nickelodeon land!

eight: nickelodeon land!

speaker: Emily! which is a man eating instead of cream cheese!

Emily: ice cream!

speaker: right! eight! which one does talking hank went into a tunnel?

professer bug: ask again later!

eight: ask again later! oops! I mean...

Emily: wrong tunnel! it was wild west!

speaker: the odd blocks win!

(audience cheering)

six: OI! we are about to win! not lose!

speaker: OK! our 2nd game is dive into the puddle!

Emily: this time... it's Gerald's turn!

peppa: but Gerald is not an even top! he's an odd block!

four: hey dude! any ideas of Gerald?

Gerald: eric eagle is an odd block! it stays with all of us!

two: if you lose... we will turn everybody in peppaland into yo-yo's!

both: ^laughs^

Gerald: think like a puddle! think like a puddle!


speaker: wow! Gerald scored 1000 points!

ten: I.... can't.... do... it...!


speaker: ten has failed the puddle jumping test! the odd blocks win again!

(crowd cheering)

meanwhile in playgroup....

madame gazelle: class! today the big games is coming to town!

peppa: madame gazelle! the even tops are all going to turn all of us into yo-yo's!

wendy: but that will be a bad idea!

madame gazelle: wendy and peppa! are you sure that some even tops will turn everyone into yo

Peppa Pig The Movie - Official Trailer-101:33

Peppa Pig The Movie - Official Trailer-1

Peppa Pig The Movie 2 Trailer01:32

Peppa Pig The Movie 2 Trailer


meanwhile at the big games....

speaker: lets give it up for these two men!

speaker: OK! young man! what is your name?

octoblock: MY NAME IS EIGHT!

crowd: OW!

speaker: young animal! what is your name?

Gerald: my name is Gerald! and I am not a loser! so losing is eight!

(crowd gasping)

Gerald: I know! it was eight! eight helped ten cheat on her turn!

(crowd gasping)

Gerald: and look at the video I've made!

(eight on video) come on ten you can do it! I know you can!

crowd: oh my goodness!

speaker: lets give it for Gerald! and the loser is....

peppa: STOP!

(crowd gasping)

speaker: lets give up for these two ladies!

speaker: what are your names?

peppa: I am peppa! and she is six!

six: I said we could win!

speaker: girls! why are you here on the stage?

speaker: okay! a little talk for a while!

pedro: I told you the even tops are going to turn all of us into yo-yo's!

the next day....

speaker: OK! we had 4 games! and the winner is the odd blocks the even tops and Gerald giraffe?

(crowd gasping)

peppa: that is Gerald!

Gerald: in a world of numberblocks the big game was bounceball and it is someone's turn to win!

peppa: Gerald! carry on!

Gerald: and so... the winner of the big games goes to.... the odd blocks!


(crowd cheering loudly)

simon: there! here you go!

wally: I say have this hat!

lisa: will you get me something!

Gerald: WAIT!

(audience gasping)

speaker: what do you want Gerald?

peppa: Gerald was my boyfriend! and the winner is Gerald and the odd blocks!

seven: so that is Gerald was running in a race called a relay!

speaker: well fans! someone else is the winner! and it is.... GERALD GIRAFFE!

(crowd cheering)

four: no... no... no....

(even tops crying)

nine: it's OK! everybody is different! they look the same as grey or red or any skin!

four: what could I say? if we got no more points!

seven: do you want to stay with us?

ten: we liked too! but the even tops and I need to go!

speaker: okay mayor Gerald! what thing do you like the best?

mayor Gerald: the best of peppaland!

(crowd cheering)

narrator: the parents have come to pick the children up from the big games!

peppa: daddy! Gerald won!

Gerald: and so did the odd blocks!

daddy pig: it's okay!

peppa: what shall we do now dad?

mummy pig: we better find out and see!

peppa: oh goody! then we will go to the movies!

one: that is a great idea peppa!

narrator: peppa likes the games! everyone likes the games!

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