Oli Pig is a pig based on the user Osome Oli.

He is friends with other user-based pigs such as Finlay Pig.


He wears a plastic helmet which he claims to be diamond. He is surrounded by cosmetic diamonds and gold nuggets which are caused by his constant hallucinations. He also wears a red shirt with the words 'Osome Oli' on it, indicating he is grateful for his creator.


He was born but sent to adoption because the doctor predicted a future obsession for 'YoloSwag'. He was adopted by 2 MLG noscopers who raised him well, taught him the art of trickshooting, and fed him mountain dew and doritos. When he was 6 he went to MLG school to enhance his noscoping. There he was 1st in all his classes including MLG classes and regular classes. When he was 9 he received a scholarship for Pro Noob Rekking Boarding school. He packed his bags and has been there for 3 years, growing an addiction to Minecraft.


Oli Pig in Minecraft