Season 64 logo.

Onsen is a Sodium television soap opera first premiering on June 5, 1953. It is about drama going on in a hotel called the Onsen.


  • James D. Midthbourgh as Detective Jack Berthton (played by Isaac Wilder from 1953 to 1998 and Weed Creaks from 1999 to 2015) - A young detective whom moves into the Onsen, but later he finds out the hotel has a long line of history about murders.
  • Vera Rodriguez as Ruby Gymes (played by Nessa Gonzales from 1953 to 1995 and Alisa Golese from 1996 to 2015) - A young, beautiful Hispanic woman who is the girlfriend of Jack and lives at the Onsen.


  • The Onsen was built around 1795.
  • It currently takes place in London, England.
  • The soap opera took place on an island resort near Italy until Season 10.
  • It is filmed in Lemington.
  • In the Season 63 finale of the soap opera, the Onsen burns down because of a firework show that involved the age of the wires.
    • Also, in the finale, a businessman tries to demolish the old Onsen, but fails.
  • In 1995, it crossed over with Sea Country Island soap opera East.
  • The hotel in the season 64 exterior shots is actually an abandoned resort that the director bought after it closed.
  • In the Season 64 finale, the Onsen has a massive flood, due to an unidentified criminal messing with the pipes and the hotel closes for good.
    • The series will have a 65th season.