Suzy: Hello guys!

Lisa: Guys? You got out!

Suzy: Yes, we did. You locked us up, and were not even endangered!

Peppa: Yes, you are a bunch of bullies!

Suzy: How could you, Emily? This snobishness has gone too far!

Danny: I'm so outraged!

Pedro: You big meanies!

Peppa: It's not fair.

Suzy: And I got a present for you, jerks! ~punches Emily, Lisa, and Brianna, knocking them out~

Peppa: Lets escape!

Peppa, Suzy, Danny, and Pedro: ~runs to exit and escape~

[Guard #3 locks Lisa, Brianna and Emily in an SPCA cage]

Lisa, Brianna and Emily: NOOOOOO!!!!!! WE'RE NOT EVEN ENDANGERED!!!!!! GET US OUT!!!!!! HELP!!!!!!

The End.

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