Peppatown suffers from an outbreak of Meningitis. Peppa learns that Pedro and Mr. Fox are somehow connected to Yemen Yak. Penny struggles to escape the bomb shelter.


(The scene opens up to Peppa, who is still looking at the address when suddenly she hears Pedro coming)

Peppa: Oh-No! (Peppa quickly hides It)

Pedro: Peppa, Are you feeling okay?

Peppa: Well, I do have sort of a Headache.

Pedro: Hmm.Maybe you need some some Asprin, My Mummy used to take it all the time when she had one, Maybe it will help you.

Peppa: I hope so.I don't think Mummy Pig has any at home.

Pedro: Oh. The Only Problem is, I think the Pharmicies closed.Maybe the Gas Station has Some.

Peppa: Maybe.Let's Go.

(Peppa goes home and Mummy Pig takes her to the Gas Station)

Mummy Pig: (To the Casher) Yes.I would like to buy these Asprins.

Casher: That We-ll be 25 Pounds Ma'am

Mummy Pig: 25 Pounds?!?!?!?!?!?!

Casher: It's all for a Good Cost!

Mummy Pig: Fine. (Gives the Casher 25 Pounds)

Casher: Thank You, Come Again!

Mummy Pig: Alright. (Her and Peppa leave the Store)

(Peppa later meets up with Pedro who is looking at the Dome)

Pedro: So Peppa, Did You Get Them?

Peppa: Yes, Thankfully.

Pedro: I've been watching the Outside Military all day!

Peppa: What are they doing?

Pedro: They're cleaning their blockades at the Perimemiter.

Peppa: Oh.

(The scene switches to a Angry Riot of Townspeople who are as mad as ever with The Military for abdoning them)


(Mrs. Zebra comes running to stop them)

Mrs. Zebra: Would You All Just Stop?!?! They're Never Gonna Hear You! I suggest you all come down before this turns into something bigger!

Townsperson Goat: No! We Want Stop! WE WANT FREEDOM!

Townspeople: FREEDOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Grampy Rabbit comes running out of The Church)

Grampy Rabbit: Wait! Wait! I have a Story to Tell!

(The Townspeople turn around and look at Grampy Rabbit)

Grampy Rabbit: I believe, that The Dome has been sent by The Sea God Trition who did it for The God up there.Or He did it for King Neptune.Everyone else think so?

Townspeople: (stay silent for a Moment) FREEDOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Grampy Rabbit: I guess they didn't agree.


Peppa: Oh No! (Covers her ears)


Peppa: UH! I Can't Take This Anymore! I'm Leaving!

Pedro: Peppa, where are you- Ahhhhh! (He sees the Townspeople rasing their hands in the Air)


Grandad Dog: STOP IT!!!!!!!!!! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE!?!?!?! 

(The Townspeople stop and look at Grandad Dog)


(The Townspeople sadly nod and walk away)

Townsperson Dalmatian: Sorry! (walks away)

(Grandad Dog shakes is head and walks away)

Grandad Dog: Mrs. Zebra, Don't you think these Townspeople are getting out of Place?

Mrs. Zebra: Yes.They are.They all want out of this thing.

Gandad Dog: Yeah

Mrs. Zebra: But I think that over time they will get used to it and calm down and-Ah! (Mrs. Zebra colappses onto the Ground)

Grandad Dog: AH! HELP! (Grandad Dog leans over and sees that Pedro is the only remaining person left) Pedro!

(Pedro turns around, gasps, and runs over to them)

Grandad Dog: I think she's sick, We need to get her to the hospitial!

Pedro: Alright.

(Grandad Dog and Pedro take her in Grandad Dog's Truck to the Hospitial but it is so far away they are driving faster)

(the scene switches to Penny, still in the Bomb Shelter)

(Edmond opens the door and comes in)

Edmond: I've got something! (Brings in a Dress)

Penny: What is That?!?!?!?

Edmond: Yours.

Penny: Okay

Edmond: Alright I'm gonna straighten it around

Penny: Alright.

(Edmond turns around and Penny picks up a Pair of scissors and prepares to knock him out)

(Penny hits him over the head but he turns around and attacks her)

Edmond: I Don't Think So!

Penny: AHH!

Edmond: (Angrily) Now Stay! (prepares to leave)

Penny: Edmond, please let me out!

Edmond: Sorry.Can't happen.

Penny: Why Not?!?!

Edmond: You can leave when you are ready, but not before. (Edmond closes the door and leaves)

(The scene switches to Peppa who is looking for the address on the computer until she finds it)

Peppa: Ha! I found it!

(But Peppa discovers that the Address is in Queens, New York, which is in America)

Peppa: What?!?!?!? Now I'll never find it with us stuck inside of this Dome!

(Peppa then remembers that Mr. Fox has a Satelite that Might could send a Message to the Address)

(Peppa immiedatly rides her bike to Mr. Fox's House)

(But when Peppa gets their she discovers that Yemen Yak's Car is in Mr. Fox's Yard)

Peppa: Hmm? (Knocks on the Door)

(Mr. Fox answers the door)

Mr. Fox: Hello Peppa!

Peppa: Hello Mr. Fox! Umm, what's Yemen Yak's Car doing in your yard?

Mr. Fox: He sold it to me.

Peppa: Oh.

Mr. Fox: So what is it you need?

Peppa: I was wondering if you could send a Message to a address?

Mr. Fox: What's the Address?

Peppa: 3121 Abredeen St. Queens, New York.

Mr. Fox: Alright.I'll see if I can.Let me just go get my satelite and- Ahhh! (Mr. Fox collapses onto the Ground)

Peppa: Ahh! HELPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(the scene switches to the Peppatown Hospital where, Mrs. Sheep has taken Suzy, and Danny there after the seizures happened)

Mrs. Sheep: Doctor, I would like a X-Ray done, a Pyschological Test done,and a vaxine done

Nurse. Opossum: I afraid Ma'm that our eqiupment is limited, And that our Hospitial is Understaffed.

Mrs. Sheep: I'll do the Tests Myself!

Nurse. Opossum: Alright.

Danny: (spots Edmond) E-Edmond have you seen Ppenny?

Edmond: Nope.Haven't seen her recently.

Danny: Oh. (Danny catches up with the Sheeps)

Candy: (is helping some of the Patients) There you go Mr.

Older Goat: T-Thannk You.

(Grandad Dog and Pedro come into the Hospitial with Mrs. Zebra, And as they do, Peppa comes in with Mr. Fox)

Grandad Dog: Help! She needs Quick Medical Attention!

(Other Townspeople began to arrive as well)

Several Townspeople: Help! Help!

Grandpa Pig: Yard Accident! Help!

(All of the Avaliable Doctors and Nurses are overwhelmed at this sight)

(The scene switches to Penny, who is still stuck inside Edmond's Bomb Shelter)

Penny: HELPP! HELPPPPP! HELPPP! MEEEEEEEEE! (Penny starts banging on the walls and causes a Water Pipe to break)

Penny: UH-OH! HELPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!! (Penny runs into another wall getting ready to bang but instead ends up knocking herself out as the Room starts to Flood)

(The scene switches back to the Hospitial)

Daddy Pig: Nurse! I have a Scratch!

(A Nurse comes quickly and puts a Band-Aid on his Scratch)

Daddy Pig: Ah! That's Better! (Daddy Pig sighs)

(Mrs. Sheep is drawing blood from Danny and Suzy, to see what caused the Seizure, and  preforms the EEG)

Mrs. Sheep: Alright, Well, nothing in the EEG Test came back negative so now I guess I'll do the Vacine Test, and then the-)

Grandad Dog: Mrs. Sheep, Go and see if you can treat other patients.I don't want to lose the entire town in one day.

Nurse. Opossum: Yes that would be helpful.

Mrs. Sheep: Alright.I'll go.

(the scene switches to the hall, where Peppa is Asking Pedro things)

Peppa: Pedro, How do you know about The Address if you've never been to Queens before?

Pedro: Well, Uh, I gotta go. (Pedro walks away)

Peppa: But what about the- (Peppa is stopped by Mrs. Sheep)

Mrs. Sheep: Peppa, I think you might have the symptoms of what we were suspecting.

Peppa: Oh, That's not good.I need Medicine (Mrs. Sheep takes Peppa to a Room)

(the scene switches to Mrs. Zebra, who is talking to someone)

Mrs. Zebra: Isn't your name Grelda Goat?

Grelda Goat: Yes that's me

Mrs. Zebra: I remember you from a long time ago, you used to own the "Stock N Shop" right?

Grelda Goat: Yeah, I used to own that, Before I retired

Mrs. Zebra: I remember you from there, because I used to go there a lot.

Grelda Goat: Oh Yeah.I remember.

Mrs. Zebra: Yup.

Grelda Goat: Do you think that it's the Dome that's causing the Sickness?

Mrs. Zebra: I'm afraid I don't.

(Mrs. Sheep checks in on them)

Mrs. Sheep: I think I finally figuried it out.It's Meningitis

(Mrs. Zebra and Grelda Goat gasp)

(the scene switches to Grandad Dog and Pedro)

Grandad Dog: Pedro, Let's Go Get Antibiotics for all these people.

Pedro: That sounds like a good plan!

(Before they leave, Grandad Dog gives Edmond his gun)

Grandad Dog: Edmond, Make Sure nobody leaves this premises so that the Disease can't spread.

Edmond: Alright, You got it Boss!

(the scene switches to Penny, who is starting to wake up from knocking out)

Penny: Urrumh...(sees that the Bomb Shelter is Flooding) AHHHHHHHHHH!

(Penny gets up and quickly tries to fix the Pipe but is unsuccsesfull)

(The scene switches back to the Hospitial)

(Peppa has gotten up and goes over to Mr. Fox)

Peppa: Mr. Fox?

Mr. Fox: (Drowsy) Umfhhhh.......Store fuls........Y-Yes?

Peppa: Yemen Yak's Car?

Mr. Fox: (Drowsy) duhstfultafa.........we the Big Fish of...gabble-gabble- hugga bugga m-munster!....and di dite do dat duna dish...........kumb-humbssss........Yemne Yak........the f-forest w-woods.......n-nears.....the.....crushsss......ssiggghts....ffights of the dumb headed.........vatsssssssssssss..........zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Peppa: Yemen Yak, woods,near the crash sight? Oh. (sees Mrs. Sheep coming) I'd better get back to bed. (Peppa gets back into bed)

Mr. Fox: opppppppennnn.....twenty-f-four hours a daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz (falls back to sleep)

(Grandad Dog and Pedro arrive at the Pharmacy, but discovers that it has been looted)

Grandad Dog: Ah, Rats, They got here before us! Crazy Town People! They'll do anything for Health Issues!

Pedro: That's the truth.

(the scene switches back to the hospitial)

Candy: I'm worried that people are not getting enough medicine! (Candy looks around and sees all the sick people) Gosh.

(the scene switches to Mrs. Zebra's and Grelda Goat's Room)

Mrs. Zebra: M-Mrs. Sheep.

Mrs. Sheep: Yes?

Mrs. Zebra: f-Fever Highers...

Mrs. Sheep: Gosh, Your Right, Yours And Grelda's have risen higher!

Grelda Goat: At west we' striedss..

(Mrs. Sheep realizes there's only one bottle of Anti-Biotics left)

Mrs. Sheep: Oh No!

Mrs. Zebra and Grelda Goat: W-What happened?

Mrs. Sheep: There's only bottle of Anti-Biotics Left!

Grelda Goat: Give Thems to Mrs. Zebra instead of me.She needs them more than I do.

Mrs. Zebra: (gasps) But what about you?

Grelda Goat: I'll's be FIne.You n-need them more than m-mes...

(the scene switches to the entrance of the Hospiital, where Peppa is begging Edmond to let out)

Peppa: Edmond! Let me out of the Building! Yemen Yak might be in Trouble!

Edmond: Nope.Nope.Nope. Everyone Stays! No One Goes! Boss's Orders!

Peppa: But I Think He Might Be in the Woods near the Crash SIght and-

Edmond: Wait a Minute! Did you say, Woods near the Crash SIght?

Peppa: Yes!

Edmond: I saw Pedro in the Woods near the Crash Sight! It was like 90 minutes before the Interaltoxic Dome came down.

Peppa: Thank You! (Peppa runs back down the hallway)

(Peppa steals a Doctor's Clearance Card to get out the Back Entrance)

(The scene switches to Grandad Dog and Pedro, inside the Looted Pharmacy)

Grandad Dog: You know something Pedro, I think just one person took all of the Medicine! I mean cause look! If a Crazy Mob of People broke into this Pharmacy and stole all of the Medicine, how come they didn't take anythng else? I mean, Ever since this Dome came down, Everyone's been wanting Supplies and Food and Everything! So it seems to me that this is a One Man's Job since the Medicine is the only thing that is gone and everything else has not been touched!

Pedro: Well, There is something else gone

Grandad Dog: What is it?

Pedro: All of the Cheese from the Freezer Section, and all the Cheese from the Hamburger Aisle is Gone!

Grandad Dog: All of the cheese gone? Hmmmmm? (Under his breath) Grampy Rabbit!

Pedro: They also must have had a Large Vehicle!

Grandad Dog: (Under his breath) I think Grampy Rabbit, also might have one of them, Jeep Grand Cherokees!

Pedro: I just can't believe this happened!

Grandad Dog: Yeah.It's Horrible! And I know who did it!

Pedro: Who?

Grandad Dog: Grampy Rabbit!

Pedro: You think? well it sort of makes sense it was him. I mean 1. He likes Cheese 2. he has a bg vehicle, or at least I think so and It was him!

Grandad Dog: We have to stop him!

(Grandad Dog and Pedro quicky leave the Looted Pharmacy and head for the church)

(At The Church Grampy Rabbit is preparing to burn the Medicine)

Grampy Rabbit: I believe this will stop all those hurting souls! Once, I sacrifice this Medicine, The Entire Town will be cured and everyone will be better! (Grampy Rabbit llights the Fire Place and gets ready to throw it in but sings first) ohh say can you see! By the Dawn's Early Light! What we so proudly hailed at the Light! The Dawn, The Light The Dawn, The Light,The Dawn,The Light!!!!!! The Home, of the Brave! Where The Stripes and Stars are still there! The Stars, The Stripes,The Stars,The,Stripes,The Stars,The Stripes! And Now.....We Say.....Goodbyee!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Grampy Rabbit picks up all of the Medicine and prepares to drop it in the Fireplace but is stopped when the Church doors swing open)


Pedro: (Nervously) Y-Yeah Grampy Rabbit! There are Sick People who need it! So Drop it Now!

Grampy Rabbit: (Drops the Medicine) But I was only t-trying a Virtiual Sacrifice! I Learned it from the Bible and The Seamen's Bible Book! But look, I got Cheese! And lots of it to!

(Grandad Dog and Pedro rush over and retrieve all of the Medicine, even some that had alrealy fell into the Fire)

(Grandad Dog and Pedro get back in the car with the Medicine and drive toward the Hospitial)

Grampy Rabbit: At least I still have Me Cheese! (Grampy Rabbit picks up a Big Piece of Cheese and eats it) Mmmmmmmmmmmm! Delicious!

(the scene switches back to the hospitial, where Mrs. Zebra is beginning to wake up after being treated)

Mrs. Zebra: Mmmmmmm.....(Wakes Up) Oh, I musta woke up.

Grelda Goat: oh, Glad to see you woke up Mrs. Zebra

Mrs. Zebra: Thank You Grelda

Grelda Goat: Y-Your Welcome.....Y-you know Mrs. Zebra...When I used to own the 'Stock N Shop" you were one of the best c-customers I had..........I think t-that you will be a g-good leader of the Community.....In t-the Future..........An-d will make many disoveries.....and help.....others....y-you zebra...remember...t-that.....(passes)

Mrs. Zebra: (sighs) Goodbye Grelda.Thanks for helping me recover.

(the scene switches to Peppa, who has gone back to the Woods near the Crash Sight)

Peppa: Oh My! it looks like there's been a Fight here! (Peppa discovers signs of a Fight, which are footprints,broken tree branches, and a Dirty Handprint on a Tree) Yeah There's Definently been a Fight here!

(the scene switches to the hospitial,where all of the townspeople have formed a big crowd and are wanting out of the Hospitial and overwhelming Edmond)


Edmond: NO! I Can't Let You Out! THIS'LL MAKE YOU ALL BE QUIET! (Edmond Pulls out Grandad Dog's Gun and fires a Warning Shot)

Townspeople: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! (They all start paninking)

(Mrs. Zebra enters the Room)

Edmond: All Right! All Right Calm Down! Calm Down! (Edmond manages to calm himself down without going hysterical)

(The Townspeople continue panicking)

Edmond: All Right Everyone! I have something to say! (Everyone turns and looks at Edmond) Please Everyone! I'm begging you all! Please! Calm Down and Trust My Boss and Each Other! Please!

(All the Townspeople stop paninking and calm down)

(Edmond puts the Gun Down and leaves the room)

(The Crowd Chooses to stay and all calm down and get back to what they were doing)

(The scene switches to Peppa, who is finding things on the Ground)

Peppa: Wow! this Ring belonged to Yemen Yak and so did this Picture! And this did as well! And this!- Yeemne Yak! T-there you a-re where ae you!!? (Peppa starts hallcinating and finally collapsses)

(the scene switches back to the Hospitial where Danny and Suzy are talking about how the Seizuers happened)

Suzy: Didn't the Last Seizuer happen when we touched?

Danny: Yeah.It did.And we were daying something funny and weird.

Suzy: Yeah.Hey, I have a Idea! we'll set up a camera and see if when we touch it happens again!

Danny: That sounds like a Good Idea!

(Danny and Suzy set up the Camera, then they touch, and almost immideatetly have seizuers)

(the scene switches to the Entrance of the hospitial, where Grandad Dog and Pedro, have returned to the hospitial with the Medicine and Anti-Biotics)

Pedro: I wander where Peppa is?

(Grandad Dog shrugs)

Pedro: I'll go ask Mr. Fox.Maybe he knows.

(Pedro goes over to Mr. Fox's Bed, where he is still drowsy)

Pedro: Mr. Fox, Do you know where Peppa is?

Mr. Fox: (Drowsy) Ummmhegeerrr......ganda da hubba......mumfamummumfaumfuamfufmuamums....we'sss........ics.....tytyrth.d...............da big band sparked......messs...........humbahumhubahha................frutserfry pancakes...............ares......goods.......i' ...........Pig-Fil-A..........mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm......'craner......the......craneser mannn.................

Pedro: (confused) I guess you don't?

Mr. Fox: (still drowsy) kerrrt...............pedro.........don't worrys...pedro.....Yemmen.....Yak...can'ts idenifty..........yous.....since....he''s.......w....worrys.............ty......ktsssss.............xexquev........zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

(the scene switches back to Danny and Suzy, who are watching the Video)

Danny and Suzy: (On the Video) Green Stars are falling, Green Stars are falling in Lines (On the Video Danny gets up and shushes the camera)

Danny: I don't remember doing that!

Suzy: I guess we said "Green Stars are falling in lines"?

Danny: I guess so.

Suzy: Let's not tell anyone about this.

Danny: Yeah, I don't think the Dome wants us too.

(the scene switches to Pedro, who is still searching for Peppa)

(Pedro goes to Edmond)

Pedro: Edmond, Have you seen Peppa?

Edmond: Yeah, she left for the Woods near the Crash Sight a hour ago.

Pedro: Thanks!

(Pedro leaves and takes Edmond's Mini-Bike and drives to the Woods near the Crash Sigh)

(Pedro finds Peppa collasped and takes her back to the hospitial)

(The scene switches to Mrs. Zebra, who is talking to Grandad Dog)

Mrs. Zebra: Grandad Dog, while you were gone, Edmond stood up and calmed the Entire Town!

Grandad Dog: Wow! I'd never thought he could have done that! (Grandad Dog goes to Edmond)

Edmond: Hello Boss

Grandad Dog: Edmond, Mrs. Zebra told me what you did while I was gone, and I am proud.And I think that you should pursue law Enforcement as a Career!

Edmond: You thnk so? Gee, Thanks!

Grandad Dog: You're Welcome!

(the scene switches to Peppa, who is waking up)

Peppa: (sees Pedro) Pedro, What really happened with Yemen Yak?

Pedro: (Nervously) Well you see, Yemen, he kept making threats at me and kept saying he was gonna throw dirt at people and he came at me and I backed away and then armed myself until he backed away.

Peppa: Oh.So what happened to him?

Pedro: He left Town.

Peppa: Oh I see.

(the scene switches to Mrs. Sheep and Suzy, who are getting ready to go to The Nearby Hampton Inn)

Danny: (Overhears that they are going to the Hampton Inn) You know, you can come stay at my house.

Mrs. Sheep: Okay.Thanks.We'd appreciate it.I'll be right back!

(Mrs. Sheep goes into the Hospitial and gets some Insulin)

Suzy: Mummy, What is that For?

Mrs. Sheep: I'm just worried that the Dome's gonna last forever.But (puts it back) let's go.

(The scene then switches to Edmond, who is taking Mrs. Zebra back to the Police Station)

(When they get back to the Police Station, Mrs Zebra congradulates Edmond)

Mrs. Zebra: You know, Edmond, I would like to congradulate you on saving so many lives today by peacefully keeping the Quarantine.And that is why I would like to make you my new- (pulls a Badge out of her desk) Deputy!

Edmond: Oh My! Yes! Thank You, Mrs. Zebra! I am a Clever Clogs! (trumpets and then takes the Badge and puts it on his chest and smiles proudly)

(the scene then switches to Grandad Dog, who is returning home)

Grampy Rabbit: Hello!

Grandad Dog: Oh, Hello Grampy Rabbit.Why are you here?

Grampy Rabbit: I would like to share my half of our Dealings.And then Cheese! Oh Cheese!

Grandad Dog: Alright.I'll be right back.(Grandad Dog goes to the back of the house and pulls out Cheese when he suddenly hears something outside) Huh?

(Grandad Dog goes outside and discovers the yelling is coming from the shelter)

Grandad Dog: I wonder who's in there? (Grandad Dog opens the shelter and descends into it and finds Penny Dog)

Penny: Thank Goodness Grandad Dog! Finally SOMEONE has come!

(Grandad Dog looks surprised and confused)

(Episode ends)


Pedro Pony

Peppa pig (character)

Mrs. Zebra

Penny Dog

Edmond Elephant

Danny Dog

Mr. Fox

Candy Cat

Grandad Dog

Mrs. Sheep

Suzy Sheep

Grampy Rabbit

Grandpa Pig (seen during the Angry Crowd at the hospitial and heard yelling)

Grelda Goat

Yemen Yak (seen during Peppa's Hallucination but does not speak and is mentioned throughout the episode)

Nurse Opossum

Townsperson Dalmatian

Mr. Jackal (seen during the Angry Crowd at the Hospitial)

Nurse. Bear

Nurse Goat

EMT Recovery Man

Unnamed Soldiers

Daddy Pig (seen in the Hospital wanting a Band-Aid for a Scratch)

Mummy Pig (takes Peppa to the Gas Station at the start of the Episode and later is seen in the Hospitial)

Freddy Fox (cameo in the hospitial)

Older Goat (seen in the Hospital)

Injured Elephant (seen in the Hospitial)

Unnamed Injured Cat (seen in the Hospitial)

Dog wearing a Cast (seen in the Hospitial)

Sickened Goat (seen in the Hospitial)

Sleeping Cat (seen in the Hospitial)

Unnamed Townspeople

Dr. Horse

Mr. Potato (non-speaking cameo on the Tv in Danny and Suzy's room, where he appears to not be infected by the outbreak)

Unnamed Ostrich (seen in the Hospitial)

Unnamed Conveinence Store Owner

George (cameo in the Hospitial)


  • References:
  1. The Song that Grampy Rabbit is heard singing when he is preparing to Burn the Medicine sounds similar to the US National Anthum
  2. The song the Townspeople are singing is a Song called "Freedom" by George Michael.
  3. When the Store owner says "Thank you, Come Again!" he sounds like Apu Nahasapeemapetilon from The Simpsons.Also "Thank you, Come Again!" is Apu's catchphrase.And also the Store Owner appreared to be Indian and said it in a Indian Accent, so that may be a Refernece to him.
  4. While Peppa and Mummy Pig are in the Convience Store the song The Man in the Mirror is heard playing.
  5. "Stock N Shop" may be a parody of "Stop N Go"
  • Mrs. Cat (again) did not appear in this Episode at all.Although there was a Cat in the Hospitial who looked similar to her.
  • Characters who pass in this Episode:
  1. Grelda Goat
  2. Serveral Unnamed Townspeople
  • Mr. Fox appreantly also saw the Fight between Pedro and Yemen Yak as he said in the hospitial that no one would ever suspect Pedro to have caused him to leave.
  • When Yemen Yak appeared in a Hallucination he had a Grin on his Face and then dissappeared.So this marks the second live appearance of him.
  • It is unknown if The Conveince Store Owner will appear in the Next Episode or more but there is a possibiblity he might.
  • Most of the Characters in Peppatown appear to be british (or from Sweden) except for the Convience Store Owner who appears to be Indian.
  • The Store Owner appears to be based off Apu from The Simpsons.He even says Apu's Catchphrase when Mummy Pig and Peppa leave.
  • George,Daddy Pig,and Mummy all appear in this Episode with Minor Roles.
  • Edmond will be the new Deputy of the Town in the next Episode.
  • Mr. Potato appears in this Episode (But has a Non-Speaking Cameo on Tv).However he may appear in the Next Episode.
  • The Name of the Convience Store/Gas Station that Peppa and Mummy Pig visit is called "The Rest Stop".

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