When Peppa became an adult, the Peppaverse basically exploded. Everything went wrong.

What went wrong


Peppa Pig

Peppa couldn't find a workplace, and stayed home. She got extremely fat due to the huge amount of cake she ate.

George Pig

George for some reason became a dwarf. He is now smaller than when he was 2! He now works as a dwarf stunt-man for a high pay. He is very ashamed of his sister.

Mummy Pig & Daddy Pig

They moved to Peppadilphia they won $1,000 lottery and they adopted Dinky Dog

The Dogs

After leaving ALL there money in a military zone it was exploded and they became very poor Dinky Dog was adopted by the pigs and Danny Dog was left to live at the playgroup

Grandpa Pig & Granny Pig

Won quadrillions in a lottery and became rich. They took a lifelong vacation in Hamwaii for 7,212,100,123 dollars. They now work for $250,000,000 a week.

Mr. Potato

Mr. Potato lost all of his money and now works as a night guard at a Museum for $30 an hour.