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Peppa: You must ASDFDIE!!

Everyone: *gasps*

Every adults: क्या क्या? (What the What?)

Rebecca: To konieczności asdfdie za NAS? (That You having asdfdie for US?)

Zoe: Anda mempunyai asdfdie untuk KITA? (That You having asdfdie for US?)

Suzy: Αυτό Μπορείτε έχοντας asdfdie για μας? (That You having asdfdie for US?)

Danny: Că Tu cu asdfdie pentru NOI? (That You having asdfdie for US?)

Peppa: That's IT!!! *shoots asdfdie to people*



  • Every people speaks in Other languages:
    • Adults: Hindi
    • Rebecca: Polish
    • Zoe: Malay
    • Suzy: Greece
    • Danny Dog: Romania

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