Class: PR-C
Status: Captive

PLG-003 (AKA Room Minus 6) is an extremely dangerous creature that currently resides in Location 16.


PLG-006, on the outside appears as a small block with a grey door with "-6" scribbled onto the front. If one opens the door, they will see what appears to be a small (though significantly bigger than on the outside) room with a chair, a table, a lamp and a door saying "-5" at the other end of it. Anyone who has entered the room has never made it out alive, however, 4 recordings have been streamed, showing what lies past the room.

Any human subject who goes within a 10-feet radius to PLG-003 without any special equipment will die of what appears to be suffocation. As such, PLG-003 is to always be kept inside room ███.

Upon entering the first room, the door will close behind whoever has entered the room. The door will not open until the subject has been eliminated. The room has a wooden chair that is next to a table with a lamp on it in the middle. On the other end of the room, a door saying "-5" is shown.

Room -5 appears to be completely dark at first, however, upon walking further into the room, the lights will slowly turn on, revealing a long hallway with a door titled "-4" at the end. If one looks behind, they may see what appears to be snakes made of complete darkness slowly crawling towards them. These snakes are harmless, as they vanish if they get within a 2-feet radius of the subject.

If one enters the door titled -4, they will enter an incredibly small room, around half the size of the first, with completely wooden flooring, walls and roof. Upon entering the room, a shadowy figure resembling a rabbit (refeered to as PLG-003-1) will appear for a split second. Once the room is entered, the door behind the victim will disappear, trapping them inside the room. After a few seconds, the room will slowly darken, and the distorted sound of of what appears to be a snake hissing will play for around two minutes. The hissing will slowly increase in volume until becoming almost unbearable to listen to. After that, it will stop abruptly, and around 2 seconds after, the light will turn on again, revealing a door with "-3" written on.

No information regarding room -3 has been revealed to the public as of right now.