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This article has been rated 10 meaning it may contain censored swearing in it.
Poop Puddles is first episode of season 1 of Pepper piggy.


Pepper piggy jumps in poop puddles.

After that, Dad destroys all physics after himself says "Yes.".



[title card]

Narrator: Pepper and Joj prepared to play, but it is still raining.

(Cuts scene to the kitchen window)

Pepper: Aw crap! It is still raining! We can't go to outside!

Joj: Me too.

(Cuts scene to the whole kitchen)

Dad: Why not go to watch TV?

Pepper: No. We can't.

Dad: He he he! Eat your breakfast!

(Sun appears)

Pepper: Oh, dad! Can we go to outside?

Dad: Alright, Peppa. You can go.

(Pepper with George both run into a muddy puddles)

(Pepper jumps in muddy puddles)

Mum: Pepper that's not mud, that's poop.

Pepper: Dangit!

Mum: Well, you must to wear your boots.

Pepper: Sorry, Mum.

(Pepper wears boots, then Mum going into the house)

Narrator: Pepper likes to jump in poop puddles.

Pepper: I like to jump in poop puddles! (Pepper jumps more)

(Suddenly Joj comes into a small poop puddle)

Narrator: Joj also likes to jump in poop puddles!

Joj: Me too! (Joj jumps more)

(Pepper going to Joj)

Pepper: Joj, you must wear your boots to jump in poop puddles!

Joj: Sorry, my big sister.

(Joj wears boots)

(Pepperworld explodes)


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