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Papi pock is a popular kid's show in the Pippaxay (formerly called the Papiverse).


Season 1

  1. Puddles (Muddy Puddles)
  2. Rebecka bunni (Rebecca Rabbit)
  3. Suze's Classified Gang
  4. Papi's Suprise Party
  5. Teddi PlaySchool
  6. Porsey Lwinkle Toes (Horsey Twinkle Toes)
  7. Neiti bunni's Day off (Miss Rabbit's Day Off)
  8. Mumui bunni's Bump (Mummy Rabbit's Bump)
  9. Mister tomato comes to Town (Mr. Potato Comes To Town)
  10. Gappi bunni's Dine-Saw Galaxy (Grampy Rabbit's Dinosaur Park)
  11. Tapsule Cime (The Time Capsule)
  12. My Mousin Kardashian (My Cousin Chloe)
  13. Boxchatter (Chatterbox)
  14. Lolli larrot (Polly Parrot)
  15. Lolli's Vacation (Polly's Holiday)

Season 2

  1. The Camper RV
  2. The Camping Vacation
  3. Kardashian's Fig Briends (Chloe's Big Friends)
  4. Nacido alexdrot (Baby Alexander)
  5. Dat Loudsy Night (The Noisy Night)
  6. Going on Vacation
  7. Da Vacation Suite
  8. Vacation on the Sun
  9. End of da Vacation
  10. Sc. Marecrow
  11. Granni pock's Dickens
  12. Star Rats
  13. Winner Father pock (Champion Daddy Pig)
  14. Da PlaySchool's Fate

Special 1


Season 3

  1. Da Librari
  2. The Largest Mudd Puddle in the Papiverse
  3. Mister tomato World (Potato City)
  4. Pirate Daddi wolf
  5. Papi's Birthday
  6. Egroj's Birthday
  7. Daddi pock's Birthday
  8. Mumui pock's Birthday
  9. Friendest
  10. Rickird bunni comes to Play
  11. Granpap's Big Train
  12. Granpap's Big Train to da Saver
  13. Dessert Iland
  14. Granni and Granpap's Attic
  15. Mr. Dine-Saw is Lost

Season 4

  1. Daddi pock's Film Camera
  2. Da Museum
  3. Sea, Snow, Sun
  4. Madham giselle's retirement celebration
  5. Mumui bunni's Bump
  6. Reflections
  7. Jammed Traffic
  8. Pool Rocks
  9. Snails, Butterflies, Worms
  10. Sale Jumbo
  11. Da Kids Fate
  12. Run Fun
  13. Treasure Pirate
  14. Papi's Circus

Season 5

  1. Puddles and Poppies
  2. Papi and Da Butts
  3. Welsh Life
  4. Da Knew Snobb's Neighbours
  5. Birtain Winky de Butt
  6. Carpetmice (Peppa and the Rugrats)
  7. Papi designs
  8. Weenieholy
  9. Drive Food
  10. Emma's mantsion (Emily's Manor)
  11. Papi mets the PAW Patrol
  12. Papi meets Harry Smith
  13. Papi's Bully Revenge
  14. Under dat Papi
  15. Papi and the Blueberry Juice
  16. Papi & Suze
  17. 5 MOAR EPS LEFT!!
  18. Touched by dat Papi
  19. Da Trip to ELWOOD Country
  20. Santa's Shed
  21. Santa's Here
  22. The Creepy Show

Season 6

  1. Angel is Evil
  2. Da Jew Party (The Kwanzaa Party)
  3. Breaking into the set of the Mr. tomato Show
  4. Pencil Pal
  5. Again
  6. Penny Spenny
  7. The Beer Fairy
  8. It's a Great Pumpkin, Papi pock
  9. A Papi pock Thanksgiving
  10. Holiday Shopping

Special 2

Special 3

Special 4

Season 7: Island of Soda

  1. Doving May

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