• This is the second apperance of Patrick Fox. For the first see Daddy Pig's Shop
  • This is the first time Peppa interacts with the narrator.


Narrator: Freddy has come to play with Peppa.

Mummy Fox: (Rings doorbell)

Mummy Pig: (Answers door) Hello.

Mummy Fox: Can Freddy come to play?

Mummy Pig: Yes, who's that?

Mummy Fox: Oh, thats Patrick Fox. You saw him when he was a tiny baby.

Mummy Pig: Oh yes. I forget you gave birth then. Come in!

Peppa: Hello Freddy!

Freddy: Hello Peppa!

Peppa: Who's that?

Freddy: Thats my brother, Patrick. You saw him as a baby in the episode called... urm..

Peppa: Daddy Pig's Shop?

Freddy: Yes, that episode.

Patrick: Hello Peppa, Hello George!

George; (Snorts two times)

Peppa; How old is he now?

Freddy: Two.

Peppa; Wow!

Mr. Fox: (Comes through door) Bad news.

Mummy Pig, Daddy Pig and Mummy Fox: What?

Mr. Fox: Mr. Bull knocked down our house!

Freddy and Patrick: Oh no!

Mr. Fox: Where will we live?

Peppa: Daddy, can they stay with us?

Daddy Pig: Of course!

Freddy: Yippee!

Mummy Pig: Freddy and Patrick can sleep at the other end of Peppa's bunk bed!

Daddy Pig: But you will need sleeping bags!

Mr. Fox: Thats ok, I have got some in my van!

Rebbeca Rabbit: (Walks in the house) Whats up Peppa?

Peppa: Mr. Bull destroyed Freddy and Patrick's house!

Rebecca: Oh no!

Peppa: But they are staying with us!

Rebecca: Phew!

Narrator: And thats the begining of a forever lasting sleepover!

Peppa: Or not!

Narrator: What do you mean?

Peppa: Well Mr. Bull will soon mend there house!

Narrator; Well it says here Mr. Bull never mends it.

Peppa: Why?

Mummy Pig: Peppa! Stop being mean to the narrator!

Peppa: Sorry!

The end

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