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Pedo Pony is a Sodium horror-comedy television series that premiered on April 19, 1996 broadcast on OrangeTV's late night block, 

Evil Pedro Pony

SoVidNet. It is about a criminal pony named Pedo Pony, who lives in the fictional Sodium city of Craepling. He is notorious for stalking and threatening to kill children, and has been arrested a few times. He also has two friends: Yule Goat, the co-founder of the iSally Islands, and former serial killer Michael Myers.

The show has been created by Sico Path, who produces, writes, and directs most of the episodes. It is produced by his production company, Scaring Studios. As of Season 20, it is currently distributed by How2Learn Productions.

In the episode "Waiting", Mummy Pig told Peppa and George Pig to always watch Pedo Pony while she and Daddy Pig were going to the supermarket. When Peppa's parents left, she turned on their TV to watch Pedo Pony.


Main cast members

  • Pedo Pony (played by Pedahorman D. Horse) - A pony who has a creepy obsession with children. In January, 1979, he was the cause of the phantom clowns because he lured children into the woods. 

Former cast members

  • Michael Myers (played by himself from 1996-2016) - A former serial killer who was sent to rehab a lot. He walks around with a cane. He originally came from the Halloween franchise.
  • Yule Goat (played by Isaac Wilder) - The cofounder of the iSally Islands. He retired after the end of Season 21. 


Main article: Pedo Pony/Episodes


  • The Sallyish dub, titled Edafelos Homsye, premiered on SBC on December 14, 2000. A new version of the dub premiered on October 31, 2001, and was used until December 19, 2005, when Emiliano Elephant, who dubbed Michael Myers, died by walking into a fireplace while shrinking. It was cancelled on December 21, 2005 and no new episodes of the were produced in the Sallyish language until November 16, 2006, when Ezra Elephant took on the role.
    • It also has a Sea Country Island Sallyish dub, which premiered on April 18, 2003.
    • In 2016, the Sallyish adaption, Dodamaxa Whelso premiered.
  • It has a television center that was built in 2013, due to the popularity growth.
  • After the 1996 episode "Pop!" premiered, the show went on a hiatus because the producers didn't have enough episodes to tape. In September, the show returned with the episode "Stowaway".
  • When the episode "Beauty the Beast" first aired on OrangeTV in 1996, there was a broadcast signal intrusion that occurred before the episode's ending, dubbed the Werewolf Broadcast Signal Intrusion. The intrusion started with a hunky man transforming into a werewolf, and ended with him eating the co-hijacker, who is dressed as Belle (one of the characters from the episode). It faded to black for 15 seconds. Once, the cast members and James Johnson watched the airing and it confused them. To this day, the hijackers have not been found.
    • The broadcast signal intrusion was televised on SBC News in 2007.

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