Pedo Pony: The Movie is the soundtrack for the film of the same name. James Johnson and Elsa Elephant were also going to record the soundtrack for a feature-length special, but Elsa started working on her debut studio album Fun (1999) and James started working on his thirty-fifth studio album Quick (2001) and they did not have time to record another soundtrack.

The tracks "All of You" and "I Will Not Say Anything" were later included as hidden tracks on Elsa's debut album Fun.

Track listing

No. Title Sung by
1. "This is It" James Johnson and Lauren Lion
2. "Tell Them" James Johnson
3. "All of You" Elsa Elephant
4. "This Will Blow Your Mind" Patrick Pig and Heather Hyena
5. "Make That Phone Call" James Johnson and Elsa Elephant
6. "Will You?" Elsa Elephant, Heather Hyena and James Johnson
7. "U R Rad" Everyone
8. "I Will Not Say Anything" Elsa Elephant (background vocals by Lauren Lion)
9. "Quit Doin' That" James Johnson and Patrick Pig
10. "This Will Do (For Now)" Lauren Lion
11. "You Think I'm Weird" Everyone
12. "Here We Go" Heather Hyena and Lauren Lion (background vocals by James Johnson)
13. "It Will Come But You Must Wait" Patrick Pig
14. "I Should Not Do It But I Do It Anyway" James Johnson
15. "OMFG" Lauren Lion, Patrick Pig, James Johnson and Heather Hyena
16. "Running Out Of Time" Elsa Elephant
17. "I Demand It" Everyone
18. "Everythin'" Heather Hyena
19. "You Should" Everyone (background vocals by James Johnson and Heather Hyena)

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