Pedro's Nature Is My Favorite Episode Of Peppa Pig.

Pedro's Nature isn't an episode, but a title card

When Pedro Is In The Nature World, It Is About To Start.


(Peppa Pig Theme Plays)

Peppa Pig: I'm Peppa Pig! (Snorts)

Peppa Pig: This Is My Little Brother George. George Pig: (Snorts Twice)

Peppa Pig: This Is Mummy Pig. Mummy Pig: (Snorts)

Peppa Pig: And This Is Daddy Pig. Daddy Pig: (Big Loud Snorts)

All: (Laughs) Peppa Pig: Peppa Pig! (Snorts)

Peppa Pig: (Reading A Title Card) Pedro's Nature.

Narrator: Pedro Is Arrived On The Nature World. That Was The Scariest Nature In The World.

Pedro Pony: (Neighs) Well, What Do You Know? (Picks A Coin) A Coin! That's For Me! (Giggles)

Narrator: Pedro Pony Loves The Coins.

Pedro Pony: And Where Is All 4 Piggies? It Must Be Around Here Somewhere!

Daddy Pig: We're Here! At The Nature!

Peppa Pig: Hello, Pedro Pony!

Mummy Pig: Hi, Pedro!

Daddy Pig: Hello! (Snorts)

George Pig: (Snorts Twice)

Pedro Pony: Hello, Peppa, George, Mummy Pig, And Daddy Pig! (Neighs) How Are You Doing Today?

Peppa Pig: Very Good At All, Pedro! I Have A Better Than Expect Of Those Natures Around Him. (Snorts) Let's Look And See At The Nature World.

George Pig: (Snorts)

Pedro Pony: What? What Is It, Peppa?

Peppa Pig: Look! It's A Ladybug. Hello, Mrs. Ladybug! My Ladybugs Is A Red With Black Dots. Pretty Neat Nature, Huh, Pedro Pony?

Pedro Pony: It Sure Is, Peppa? (Neighs)

Peppa Pig: Good. Now Let's Go See What About Those Bees Are Having Today.

Peppa Pig: It's A Bee! (Grabs A Flower) See. (Giggles) The Bees Is Eating A Flowers. This Is So Much Beautiful. (Bees Stings Peppa) OUCH! OOH! OW! EE!

George Pig: (Laughs)

Peppa Pig: It's Not Funny!

George Pig: (Snorts)

Peppa Pig: I Will Be More Than A Stinger. (Shakes)

Pedro Pony: I Wonder What It Is! Is It... A Birds?

Peppa Pig: Yes, The Birds Is Feeding The Worms! He Eats The Worms All Of Them For Those Birds.

Pedro Pony: Oh, Yes! (Neighs, Giggles)

Peppa Pig: Why Do You See For More Natures Of The World?

Pedro Pony: Well, That Is The Point I Have Ever Do!

Peppa Pig: What? You Can't Called Me Nature Bird!

Pedro Pony: It's Her!

Peppa Pig: It's Too!

Mummy Pig: Peppa And Pedro! Stop Bullying Her!

Peppa Pig: Why Did I Have A Nature? If You Asked Me Pedro, I Will Shoot You!

Pedro Pony: I Will Shoot You Too, Peppa! (Neighs)

Peppa Pig: Looks Like You've Done Even Better Than That!

(Peppa And Pedro Sees A Giant Worm)

Peppa Pig: (Gasps) It's A Giant Worm!

Pedro Pony: It's A Nightmare!

(Peppa And Pedro Screaming)

Peppa Pig: What Do We Gonna Do Now, Daddy Pig?

Daddy Pig: Don't Worry, Peppa! I Have A Better Plan For You. A Sword!

Daddy Pig: (Slice A Giant Worm) Take That, You Little Thief! You Are Escaping Without Me!

Daddy Pig: There You See! Easy As Pie!

(Pieces back to giant worm)

Daddy Pig: Whoops!

Peppa Pig: Don't Worry, Daddy Pig! I Have Some Birds For You! (Whistles) Hey, Fella Birds! Look! A Giant Worm! Eat A Giant Worm!

Narrator: Wow! That Was An Adventure Nature We Having! He Is Eating A Giant Worm.

Peppa Pig: Wow! Good Job, Daddy Pig!

George Pig: (Snorts)

Daddy Pig: Ho Ho! You Are One Of The Kind! I Am A Better Than Expect Of Eating A Giant Worm. Just One Of The Kind!

Daddy Pig, Mummy Pig, George Pig, Pedro Pony, And Peppa Pig: (Laughs)

Pedro Pony: Wow! A Pencil!

Narrator: A Pencil Is Got For Pedro Pony!

Pedro Pony: And Now I Can Draw It All By Myself. (Pedro Begins To Draw)

George Pig: No Drawing!

Pedro Pony: Will You Get The Water?

Peppa Pig: Um... Maybe Later.

George Pig: No Drawing!

Pedro Pony: Did I Have Anything Yet?

Peppa Pig: Uh... Nothing At All.

George Pig: I Said No DRAWING! (Crying And Wailing)

Narrator: Oh Dear.

Peppa Pig: Don't Worry, George! Pedro Is Drawing A Dinosaur.

George Pig: Dine-saw! (Giggles)

Pedro Pony: Waddlah! A Dinosaur!

Peppa Pig: Wow! It's A Big Dinosaur!

Peppa Pig: Hey, Daddy Pig!

Daddy Pig: What?

Peppa Pig: Can I Ride With My Dinosaur!

Daddy Pig: Of Course We Can, Peppa!

Pedro Pony: All For One! And One For All! This Is A Giant Dinosaur In The Pedro's Nature World!

Peppa Pig, Pedro Pony, Mummy Pig, Daddy Pig, And George Pig: (Laughs)

Narrator: Everyone Loves Riding With A Giant Dinosaur. They Lived In Pedro's Nature All By Himself.

(Ending Credits)