Pedro showing the class his drawings


Pedro and Mummy Pony walking past Dog's Pizza


Peppa: Gang, we've got to stop Emily Elephant, Lisa Fox and Brianna Bear from being the child stars on the upcoming Dog's Pizza commercial so that WE can be the child stars.

Danny: Yeah. We never get the most money, but this time we WILL thanks to starring in that commercial!

Suzy: Won't that be fantastic, Peppa?

Peppa: But how can we do it?

Mummy Pig: Peppa! Dinner time!

Peppa: Meet me again tommorow, gang!

Suzy, Danny and Pedro: We will!

Peppa: *leaves treehouse for dinner*

Mummy Pony: Pedro! Come and get your tea!

Pedro: Okay, Mummy! *leaves treehouse and gets into Mummy Pony's car*

Mummy Pony: *drives Pedro home and cooks his dinner* Here's your dinner!

Pedro: Thank you very much, Mum! *eats dinner* It was delicious, Mum! *goes to room to draw pictures*

Mummy Pony: *comes in* I like your cityscape, Pedro!

Pedro: Thanks. I based it on what I can see out the window.

A dog: *comes in and jumps onto Pedro's table* Woof, woof!

Pedro: What a cute little dog! *draws some cute dogs and sees a plane landing outside* I'll draw an aeroplane — just like that one that landed outside! *draws a plane* Why don't I add a few other vehicles such as trains and boats? *adds other vehicles*

Mummy Pony: *comes in* Looks like someone's been doing good artwork! You should show it to your class tommorow. It's going to be show and tell day!

The next day....

Pedro: Er, hi everyone. These are my drawings. *shows class the drawing of a cityscape* This one's a city! *shows class the drawing of some cute dogs* And these are some adorable dogs!

Danny: You mean like me? Dude, that's awesome!

Pedro: Thanks, Danny. *shows class the drawing of some vehicles* And these are some vehicles! It was originally just a plane, but I decided to add more.

Emily: Those drawings are terrible!

Madame Gazelle: Quiet, Emily, Pedro put a lot of effort into these!

Emily: Not as much effort as us Africans put into our drawings!

Madame Gazelle: Emily Elephant, I said quiet!

Emily: Okay. But admit it. They're terrible.

Madame Gazelle: For the last time, QUIET!

Later, when Peppa and her gang met up at the treehouse.....

Peppa: If we can't star in the Dog's Pizza commercial, we'll make a poster for it. Pedro, you're good at drawing. We need a poster.

Pedro: Yes, Peppa! *draws a Dog's Pizza poster*

[Emily, Lisa and Brianna walk past]

Emily: You call THAT a poster? It's horrible!

Lisa: I agree.

Brianna: Even more.

Peppa: Okay, well you try.

Emily: *gets some paper and writes 'Eat at Dog's Pizza' in Swahili*

Peppa: That's the horrible poster around here! It's all in Swahili! Most residents of Peppatown speak English!

Emily: But I don't write in English! I'm African!

[She, Lisa and Brianna leave]

Peppa: Pedro, I never thought I'd say this, but you're not a nerd and everything else I've called you. If you're anything, you're an artist.

Pedro: Thanks, Peppa!

Peppa: You're most welcome, Pedro.

Mummy Pony: My Pedro really is such a sweet kid! Not only that, he's an expert on pet care!

Pedro: Hey, mum! I made a poster for Dog's Pizza, the pizzeria Danny's grandma runs!

Mummy Pony: You like pizza?

Pedro: No, this was Peppa's request. Why not read it?

Mummy Pony: (reading poster) Come to Dog's Pizza! We've got all your favourite pizza flavours — cheese and tomato, garlic, mushroom, and many more! Plus, nothing's over ten dollars here! Dog's Pizza — When you need fresh dough pizza and never frozen. Also, our pizzas are 100% vegetarian AND Gluten Free !

Pedro: So, what do you think?

Mummy Pony: I think it's fantastic! Let's put it up at the local shops!

Later, at the local shops....

Mummy Pony: *puts up poster* There you go, Pedro!

Pedro: People are going to love it.

[Pedro and Mummy Pony leave and people come and see the poster]

A person who saw the poster: Dog's Pizza sure sounds a great pizzeria!

Another person who saw the poster: Yeah, I'm tired of frozen pizza!

Another person who saw the poster: See you guys at Dog's Pizza! *goes to Dog's Pizza*

The other people who saw it: Wait for us! *go after the person who just left*

At Dog's Pizza.....

Danny: Granny, how come we have more visitors than before?

Granny Dog: I don't know, darling Danny.

Peppa: *arrives* Here's why! Pedro made you guys a poster!

Granny Dog: Well, I guess we don't need to make a commercial now that the poster attracted gazillions of people! Now, where's Pedro? *sees Pedro walking past outside with Mummy Pony and opens the door* Pedro, Pedro! Come in! Come in! I've got a present for you! *gets out notepad and crayons* It's a notepad that comes with crayons. I tried to give it to Danny, but he's not into art. You have it. *gives Pedro the notepad and crayons*

Pedro: Oh, thank you!

Mummy Pony: Come along, Pedro! We don't want to miss the train!

Pedro: Okay, Mummy! *goes to Mummy Pony*