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Pedro Pony is a recurring character in Peppa Pig.


He is a pony of Portuguese descent. Pedro can be occasionally forgetful or clumsy and slow to catch on but is otherwise knowledgeable in his areas of interest and always friendly. When someone is not normal, he calls them a super (whatever it is). He is characterized by his love for sleep; he usually oversleeps and is late for playgroup.

He is the son of Mrs. Pony and Mr. Pony and the grandson of Grandpa Pony. He lives in a brown house, which has a magenta door, an attic and a chimney; it is built on a hill where lots of bushes are growing.


Pedro wears a yellow shirt and wears glasses. He wears black shoes.

His shirt is sandy brown in Poppies and Puddles.


  • His mother gave birth to him sitting down.
  • He is the 'clumsy one' in Peppa's gang.
  • He is friends with Buster Baxter as seen in Trip to Elwood City.
  • In the episode Fruit, he wanted a cheese smoothie but changed his mind when he heard that smoothies has to have fruit in them and wanted a raspberry, blueberry, blackberry and gooseberry smoothie instead.
  • He is not smart at all, conscracting Rolly from 101 Dalmatians: The Series, who is really smart.
  • His cutie mark is of three pictures of Peppa's head, because one time he kissed Peppa on the head 3 times.
  • He is allergic to nuts, sesame seeds, prawns, kiwi fruit, coconuts and vanilla.
  • He is depicted to be good at drawing in the episodes Drawing and Pedro's Pictures.
  • He has a crush on Peppa Pig.
  • His daddy Mr. Pony drives a green & white recycling truck named Eco-Freddy, where Pedro gets to sit next to Mr. Pony.
  • In The Truth of Arthur, he dressed up in an Arthur costume and got filmed on the show Arthur. He also was the second creator of the show.
  • He is a villain in Finlaydoespotatoes's fanon.
  • In Angry Birds Peppa, he is played by Bomb Bird.
  • In CreationBeTheWorld23's fanon, Pedro loves CreationBeTheWorld23's music despite CreationBeTheWorld23's music being too explicit for him (Pedro).

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