Peppa: Hello Pedro! Wanna play you nerd.

Pedro: Hello Pepp- *gets zapped by the Counterpart Switcher 1999* You slob! I hate muddy puddles and I don't want to say hola ever again to you. Hola means hello in Spanish and I'm a full blood Spanish pony.

Peppa: Stop it Pedro! Your acting like Emma-Poo.

Pedro: I can't be seen near you. *walks away with new clique*

Peppa: Suzy, Danny? 

Danny: I agree Pedro.

Suzy: Even more.

[Pedro's clique leave]

Peppa: What do you want Emma-Poo.

Emily: I'm poor.

Peppa: Oh.

Emily: Can we jump up and down in muddy puddles?

Peppa: I thought you hate that.

Emily: Not anymore. Also I just found out that Angela is making us act this way.

[The next day...]

Madame Gazelle: Thank you Pedro, you are my new pet.

Pedro: Thank you.

Emily: What about me?

Madame Gazelle: If you call out one more time you'll get after school detention.

Emily: Fine.

Madame Gazelle: That's it! Detention after school, young lady.

[At recess]

Emily: I love Muddy Puddles! *jumps in a muddy puddle and gets dirty* 

Madame Gazelle: You're getting suspended, young lady.

Emily: Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why?

Madame Gazelle: Two actually.

Emily: I'm poor so be nice.

Madame Gazelle: Three suspensions.

[Recess ends]

Madame Gazelle: We are taking a test. If you fail, you'll get suspended.

[Emily finishes]

Madame Gazelle: Let's see. 

Emily: Is it an A?

Madame Gazelle: Guess what? You failed and you got another suspension. Bye, Emily see you in another school. 

[Emily leaves]

Mr. Elephant: How did school go?

Emily: I got expelled for a stupid reason.

Mr. Elephant: I'm sorry to hear that.

[At the Palatial Suites Resort]

Emily: I'm in my suite watching TV in my bedroon.

Announcer: Cambridge Cable presents, The Mister Potato Show exclusive episodes and specials right now.

Emily: Yay!

[The Mister Potato Show starts]

Mister Potato:  [on TV] Welcome to this very exclusive episode, where the magic of Cambridge Cable never ends. Emily: I love this show.

Mister Potato: [on TV] Tomorrow is the grand opening of the Spud Suites Waterparks Resort. Our old one was sold and renamed to the Palatial Suites Resort.

[25 minutes later]

Mister Potato: [on TV] Bye children!

Emily: That was great.

At Peppa's house...

Peppa: I know these personalities are Angela Anaconda's fault, but I've been teased for years for being a 'baby show'! I have had it with those days! And what's with all this switching?

[The Angela Alarm goes off]

[The Pigs evacuate]

Angela: *chases them with the Counterpart Switcher 1999*

Peppa: *speeds up*

Angela: *fires the Counterpart Switcher 1999 but misses Peppa*

Tobias: *cries*

Daddy Pig: There, there, Tobias!

George: Ha, ha! Crybaby!

Peppa: Something is not right. Something is definitely not right!

[The next day]

Emily: I just wanna watch TV.

[A person in a creepy Mr. Potato mask hijacks the exclusive episode]

Hijacker: What's up my nerdy geeks, I'm Mister Potato.

Emily: No.

Hijacker: I'm actually- *turns into Angela Anaconda*

Emily: Eek, too scary!

Gordy: *pops out of the,TV* I'll save you.

[Everybody is turned into Arthur characters]

The End


  • This episode takes place way after The Scary Program and before Pedro.
  • The Mister Potato imposter hacking TV is a parody of the 1987 Max Headroom signal intrusion.

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