[A plane takes off near the Pony house]

Pedro: *wakes up and yawns* What was that?

Patty: *wakes up and yawns* Big loud zoom outside!

Pete: *wakes up* That sound must be an aeroplane.

Mummy Pony: *wakes up and yawns* Oh, another plane.

Pedro: *comes into Mummy Pony's room* Wow! If I was awake, I'd draw it! I might even know the type!

Mummy Pony: I'm sure you would! But it's causing a racket up there.

Pedro: *gets Stephen the Stick Insect's cage* And look! It made Stephen disguise himself again!

Mummy Pony: Must've been all that aircraft noise. *laughs*

Pedro: And I'm lucky Parrot Balloon didn't pop!

[The plane takes off again]

Pedro: There it is! There it is! *draws the plane in his notebook*

Mummy Pony: Anyway, I think it's time for you and Patty's Rice Krispies, Pete's Frosties and my Special K.

Pedro: Okay, Mummy!

[The Ponies go downstairs and eat their breakfast]

Mummy Pony: Anyway, kids, time for playgroup!

At playgroup.....

Mummy Pony: This aeroplane flew really low over our house and woke us all up. Pedro drew it because he loves aeroplanes, no matter how noisy they get. *shows Madame Gazelle the drawing*

Madame Gazelle: That looks like The Rocking Gazelles tour plane that me, Gizi and Glenda uses to make our world tours in! But it says 'Peppaland Airlines' on it, so that's not the plane I fly in.

Pedro: Oh.

Madame Gazelle: That plane might be a Giganticer Gi Z model built in 1929.

Pedro: What's a Giganticer Gi Z?

Madame Gazelle: It was the largest and heaviest aeroplane in the world from 1929 to 1940. 

Mummy Pony: Oh no! The plane is going to retire. We better stop it from retirement!

Madame Gazelle: Good idea.

At the airport.....


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