Mummy Pony arriving


Madame Gazelle: Who wants a sesame cracker?

Everyone in her class: Me! Me! Me! Me! Me! Me!

Madame Gazelle: Okay. You can have the first sesame cracker, Pedro.

Pedro: *gets a sesame cracker, eats it and vomits in a sick bag*

Peppa: Allergies. Pedro has a ton of those.

Madame Gazelle: Argh! I should add sesame seeds to your anaphylaxis poster, Pedro! I'll ring Mummy Pony. *rings Mummy Pony*

Mummy Pony: (over phone) Hello, this is Patricia Pony speaking.

Madame Gazelle: Patricia, Patricia. I was giving everyone in the class sesame crackers and Pedro got the first one, but he threw up.

Mummy Pony: (over phone) Oh, no! I'll be straight there! *ends call*

Madame Gazelle: Don't worry, Pedro. Your mum's coming and I'll add sesame seeds to your anaphylaxis poster.

Peppa: What's an anaphylaxaxis poster? And what's a sesame seed?

Madame Gazelle: An anaphylaxis poster is a poster about someone's allergies and sesame seeds are the little seeds they put in sesame crackers.

Mummy Pony: *comes in* Pedro! Darling Pedro! Mummy's here! *takes Pedro to the car and drives him home*

[Pedro starts going all puffy]

Mummy Pony: I'll get you straight to hospital! You're sicker than I thought! *drives Pedro to the hospital*

After Pedro recovered.....

Mummy Pony: You were a brave little pony, Pedro! As a reward, I'm giving you a new breakfast cereal to try — Crunchy Nut! *pours Pedro a bowl of Crunchy Nut*

Pedro : HOORAY !