[Peppa, Suzy and Danny enter Dog's Pizza]

Pedro: (from out the window) PLEASE CAN'T I COME THIS TIME!?!?!?

Peppa: Nope, Dog's Pizza isn't a place for nerds.

Suzy: And besides, your dad and Uncle Dog have a bad relationship.

[Something sucks Pedro into a different universe]

Peppa: Er, Pedro?

Suzy: He could've left like we told him.


Suzy: Well, I have read in my research that there's a thing in a faraway universe that sucks up talking animals like us.

Meanwhile, in the other universe....

Pedro: Where am I?

[Planets with faces fly past Pedro on jetpacks]

Pedro: What was that I just saw?

[The talking planets come back]

Pedro: Aargh!

[Alien versions of Peppa, Danny and Suzy arrive]

Appep: I'm Appep Gip!

Yzus: I'm Yzus Peehs!

Ynnad: I'm Ynnad God!

Appep: You look like our friend Ordep Ynop!

Pedro: Did you say Oddball?

Alien Peppa: No, I said Ordep! But are you our friend Ordep?

Pedro: No, I'm Pedro.

Alien Danny: Hey, Pedro's Ordep spelled backwards!

Alien Suzy: Which means you must come from Earth!

Pedro: Yes, I do come from Earth!

[A supersonic flying rainbow knocks Pedro over]

Pedro: Aargh! *falls onto another supersonic flying rainbow which takes him to the planet of the Nyan Cats*

King Nyan Cat: Nyan, nyan, nyan, nyan, memes.

[A bunch of other memes come out and chase Pedro]

Rainbow Dash: *does the sonic rainboom*

Pedro: Oh, look! Another supersonic flying rainbow!

Rainbow Dash: *lands* No, the name's Rainbow Dash and I'm a pony like you but with wings, blue skin, a rainbow mane and the ability to do the Sonic Rainboom!

Applejack: We need to get back to Ponyville!

Twilight Sparkle: *uses her unicorn horn to get the mane 6 back to Ponyville*

Pedro: Hey, where's Rainbow Dash?

Peppa: *jumps off a star above the planet of the Nyan Cats*

Pedro: Peppa?

Peppa: I've come to rescue you! Suzy said you could've been sucked into a different universe and you were!

[Clones of Peppa show up everywhere]

Peppa: What is going on? LET'S GET OUT OF HERE!!!!

Pedro: Good point. They might be germs in disguise.

Peppa: EXACTLY!!!

[She and Pedro run away and then start floating]

Peppa: What do we do? Clones of me are attacking us and we're stuck up here floating in the air.

Pedro: Earlier, there were some supersonic flying rainbows. We could escape on one of those! One's coming now!

[A supersonic flying rainbow with a sharp point on the front flies in, Peppa and Pedro are hooked to the sharp point and Peppa falls back to earth]

Pedro: First I look like a pony version of Nyan Cat and second Peppa falls off the rainbow. Things are going wrong today.

[The supersonic flying rainbow hits the camera and bounces backwards]

Pedro: Hey, why is everything reversing?

[The supersonic flying rainbow comes down to Earth and crashes into Peppa's gang's treehouse]

Pedro: I feel terrible. *vomits*