[Rebecca, Danny, Suzy, and Wendy are seen playing on the playground slide until Peppa ran up to them]

Peppa: Hey everybody I've got a secret, who wants to hear it?

[Peppa's friends came down the slide leaving Rebecca behind]

Rebecca: I thought you weren't supposted to tell secrets.

Peppa: What's so fun about that? (Whispers in Suzy's ear) Pedro is sick!

Suzy: (Whispers in Danny's ear) Perry is lick!

Danny: (Whispers in Wendy's ear) Cereal smells ick!

Wendy: (Whispers in Rebecca's ear) Cryil McDrip!

Peppa: What did I say?

Rebecca: Cryil McFlip!

Peppa: Cryil McFlip?!

Danny: Who's Cryil McFlip? Is he a new kid in town? (Groan) why am I always the last to know!

Suzy: Do you think that Pedro's really is sick?

Peppa: Yes he is, I learned it Suzy!

Rebecca: Aww, I'll miss him!

Danny: We all will, but there's no secret who this is gonna be the hardest on.

Everybody: FREDDY!

Danny: Remember the last time Pedro didn't come in for the day?



[Freddy roars in Danny's face, knocking him onto the ground]

[Rebecca hides under the Bench, but Freddy tears it up and runs away]

[Freddy peaks out of the slide while Wendy and Danny were running away, Freddy throws the peaces of the slide at Suzy and Wendy]

[Freddy does a Taz Manian Devil spin, almost chopping down the whole entire Playgroup on the other side, making Peppa and Danny scream, and the grown-ups confused]

Freddy: (Roars very loudly)

Madam Gazell: I knew we shouldn't have told him!


Everybody: (Shaking in fear)

Rebecca: I sure hope Freddy dousen't scare us like that again!

Suzy: Oh c'mon Rebecca, he won't, we won't let him!

Danny: There's only one way to prevent him from doing that crazy day all over again!

Everybody: How?

(Theme Song)

[Danny is seen thinking about how they were not going to let Freddy have that Mental Breakdown again]

[Freddy prepared to read the title card]

Freddy: (Off-Screen) Pedro Is Sick!

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