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Peepa Pige is a ripoff of the children's series Peppa Pig. It is a badly drawn version.









Episode Guide

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Season 1 (2013)

  1. Muudy Pudlights - Peepa and Geeeeerge jump in Muudy Pudlights, series premiere.
  2. Tee Scwarcoff - Peepa does the Charlie Charlie challenge.
  3. Altun Eyeland - Alton Islanders invade Peepa's house.
  4. Feee Irealndtatos - Peepa's family is poor, and she sells $3 Irealndtatos to make money.
  5. Altun Eyeland II - The return of the Alton Islanders.
  6. Milkz 4evur - Peepa goes on a milking rampage.
  7. Deeady Looses Hes 720 Cwalitii Glasses - Deeady loses his 720 cwalitii glasses.
  8. Meestur Poetaito Cuuhms Two Bwai - Meestur Poetaito opens Poetaito Cettii.
  9. Puncaikz - Peppa's family eat Puncaikz.
  10. Duhm Waizz Tooh Peepa - Parody of DWTD, 10th episode special.
  11. Peepa Жipz Packmein Enduh Peenkee - Peepa goes to Pacman and Pinky's wedding party.
  12. Soozee Shиp's Puhtaitoh - Soozee shows Peepa her Potato.
  13. Peepa's Seckaint Noo Vraind - Peepa and Soozee become friends.
  14. Peepa Reintz Awn Baahtle Four Jream Ireland Hewmineyezd - Humanized object show characters drop by Peepa's house.
  15. Peepa Kehts Wij - Peepa gets rich.
  16. Peepa And The Keebler - Peepa meets Kipper.
  17. Peepa Ent Za Pootis - Peepa befriends Heavy.
  18. Geeeeerge Wihtz Za Jagbod - Geeeeerge gets a lottery ticket.
  19. Peepa Voreses Plenties Vorses Zawmmbees Hiirows - PvZ Heroes characters drop by Peepa's house.
  20. Peepa Trifft Peppa - Peepa meets Peppa, series 1 finale.

Season 2 (2014)

  1. Peepa Miidz Oreo-And-Eeyore - Peepa meets Oreo-And-Eeyore.
  2. Vrietai - It is Friday, Peepa's last day of the school.
  3. Ze Zkuel Viit
  4. Ihd Wuzz Uhh Peepagzedint!
  5. Altun Eyeland III - The second return of the Alton islanders.
  6. Peepa Reintz Awn Ineinihmit Ihnzanihtee Hewmineyezd
  7. Soopah Peepa Maikurr - Peepa plays Super Peepa Maker.
  8. Peepa Khoes Two Mane Uhvend
  9. Peepa Keelz A Vrawg
  10. Peepa Khose To Tissneeleiint
  11. Peepa Eint Ze Larriboi
  12. Wiibolz - Everyone in Peepaverse (except OAE and Geeeeerge) get turned to weebles, OAE and Geeeeerge have to find a way to turn them back to their original form.
  13. Peepa Ckose Two Idoli - Peepa's family goes to Idoli, 3 part special.
  14. Ze Helidai - Peepa celebrated Creesmus
  15. Peepa And Zherek - Peepa gets in Shrek's swamp, triggering Shrek.
  16. Ze Blaichroop - Peepa drinks bleach
  17. Geeeeerge's Cold - Geeeeerge gets a cold.
  18. Washing - Moomy Pige and Peepa puts clothes in the wash machine.
  19. Altun Eyeland IV - The third return of the Alton Islanders.

Season 3 (2015)

  1. Peepa's Neuo Freinnd - Peepa meets a new friend.

Season 4 (2018)


  1. The New Look - Everybody gives a new look.
  2.  Peepa's New Grammar - Peepa and her family, her friends change his/her grammar for a new year's resolution.


  1. Peepa and the Cat - Peepa comes to her aunt's house, but Peepa's aunt has a scary cat.
  2. Sports Day
  3. Underwater Temple - Inside the local pool, Peepa and Geeeeerge discover an ancient temple.
  4. Peepatown's greatest depression yet - A new resident moves to Peepatown, but her appearance makes everyone in Peepatown sad, OAE and Geeeeerge come up with plans to get rid of her.
  5. Repleasure Island - Peepa and Geeeeerge try to reopen UK's former amusment park Pleasure Island
  6. Alton Eyeland V - The fourth return of the Alton Islanders.
  7. Work and Play - Moomy and Deeady goes to work, the kids goes to play but the kids can work.
  8. Let me out of Baldi's Basics! - Peepa gets stuck inside of Baldi's Basics.
  9. Going in the Sea - Peepa and her family goes to the sea, but it goes wrong with George.


  1. Peepa Pige: Escape from Alton Island (April 14, 2017)

DVDs and VHS tapes

  1. Peepa Pige Marathoniar 1 to 3 (November 14, 2017)
  2. Peepa Pige: Alton Island's Disastrous Destruction (March 4, 2018)


  1. Peepa Pige: The Complete Fourth Series (when season 4 is finished)

Episode structure

  1. Opening (0:30 secs, formerly 0:10) <
  2. Episode part I (8 minutes, formerly 5:00) <
  3. Commercial Breaks (4 minutes) >
  4. Episode part II (8 minutes) >
  5. Credits (32 secs, formerly 10) >

Overall: 21:02 (minutes:seconds)

Old: 5:20


< means here since 2013.

> means here since 2018.


  • This series only has 2 users in it.
  • Before the series' release, Doomes made his first 4 sketches in 2012.
  • When Doomes left PPFW, a few months later, Oreo-And-Eeyore adopted the series.
  • A "reboot" has been announced on May 3, 2018.
    • The reboot's logo was made in Japan, it is animated in the United States.




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