Peppa and Penny jumping up and down in muddy puddles


Announcer: Welcome to the ballet concert. Please turn off your phones during the concert. And let us meet the ballerinas.

[Penny Pony and two other ballerinas come on stage, the ballet music plays, they dance to it, flowers are thrown at them afterwards and they get off the stage]

Peppa: You did very good dancing! What's your name? Mine's Peppa Pig.

Penny: Mine's Penny Pony. This is my best friend Rita Rabbit.

Rita: Hi! You know what I like doing?

Peppa: What?

Rita: Playing with toys and going on adventures.

Peppa: Penny, terrible how it's raining today, isn't it?

Penny: Yeah. Hey, the rain's stopping!

[a rainbow is seen through the theatre window]

Penny: There's a lovely rainbow!

Peppa: I know. It's so pretty and colourful.

Penny: Yes. If only rainbows were always there.

Mrs Pony: Time to go, Penny!

Penny: But I've just met a fun new friend called Peppa Pig. Can I go to her house?

Mrs Pony: Yes, Penny.

When Penny went to Peppa's house...

Peppa: Do you want to play with Teddy, Penny?

Penny: Yes please, Peppa! *starts playing with Teddy* He's very cuddly! Do you want to play with Beautiful Princess? She's my favourite toy!

Peppa: Okay! *sets up a toy castle*

George: *comes in with Mr. Dinosaur* Dine-saw! Rrrrr!

Peppa: (as Beautiful Princess) Aargh! There's a dinosaur! But luckily I'm magical and can make it go away with my magic!

George: (as Mr. Dinosaur) Aargh! You magic powers defeating me! Me sorry! Can me be you friend?

Peppa: (as Beautiful Princess) Of course!

Peppa: Now do you want to play with the doll house, Penny?

Penny: Yes please! *starts playing with dollhouse* (impersonating dollhouse dolls) I'm Daddy. I'm Mummy. I'm Madeline. And I'm Timmy. We're going on a big adventure today!

Peppa: It's time for The Mr. Potato Show! Do you want to see it?

Penny: Yes please!

Peppa: *takes Penny downstairs for the show*

Mr. Potato: (from TV) Welcome to The Mr. Potato Show. Here are some lovely drawings I've been sent. *shows audience drawings* This is an eggplant. This is a lemon.

Peppa and Penny: Ooooooohh!

[The Mr. Potato Show ends]

Peppa: Let's talk about what mythical versions of our species we'd be if we were. I'd be a flying pig.

Penny: I'd be a unicorn with a magical horn!

Peppa: I see. Hey, do you want to jump up and down in those muddy puddles outside?

Penny: Of course!

[Peppa and Penny go outside and jump into some muddy puddles]

Peppa: Do you like jumping up and down in muddy puddles, Penny?

Penny: Yes. They're sort of magical.

[Suzy, Danny and Pedro turn up]

Peppa: Oh, hey gang. This is my new friend Penny Pony.

Suzy: Penny's probably related to you, Pedro. You are both ponies.

Pedro: I don't know her, but she's probably in my family. She does seem a nice friend.

Danny: Yeah, she does seem sort of groovy. Penny, what do you like to do?

Penny: I like to do ballet. What do YOU like to do?

Danny: I like to groove!

Penny: And what's your name?

Danny: I'm Danny Dog. *barks*

Penny: *giggles* I like you guys.

Pedro: So you say you like to do ballet? Show us some of your moves, please!

Penny: *does some of her ballet moves*

Peppa, Suzy, Danny and Pedro: Wow!

Peppa: No wonder you could be in a concert with that!

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