People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals are a vegan animal rights group. They criticize fast food to shut them down, force people with Autism to not eat meat, hire random people to kill animals, attack eagles, and shut down SeaWorld.

PETA survivors

  • Peppa Pig: Got kidnapped by a PETA worker and almost suffocated to death in a plastic baggy.
  • Dinky Dog: Got kidnapped by the PETA manager and nearly died inside a Christmas present for his niece.
  • Danny Dog: Same as Dinky.
  • Emily Elephant: Nearly died after the PETA owner captured her and drowned her.
  • Mrs. Cow: Almost got slaughtered and turned into a hamburger by a PETA worker.
  • Alex Dog: The PETA founder himself is actually a dog and he was imprisoned for years by them.
  • Ingrid Chihuahua: Same as Alex Dog.
  • Silver Spring Macaque: Captive by PETA since 1981.
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