Alright. my first article

This can either turn out really awesome, or really horrific.

Either way, a messed up article will be made tonight.


Pedro pony: Peppa, my love. there's something i must tell you.

Peppa pig: Yes,  Pedro my darling?

Pedro: There is no possible good way to tell you this.

Peppa: Oh pedro, you can tell me anything!

Pedro: I think..It's time we go our seperate ways.

Peppa: ~gasps~ You promised me forever!

Pedro: Well, forever doesn't last forever..

Peppa: no! noooo! ~sobs then faints~

Pedro: I'm sorry, my love! ~sprouts butterfly wings~ But things change! ~flies into the air~

~Pedro flies majestically through the sky, tears falling from his eyes~

Pedro: She was the light that fought away the shadows of despair. She was a miracle sent to me in my times of misfortune. All i had in this tragic, horrific world, and i pushed her awa--

~a bird hits pedro in the face on accident~

Pedro: AH! Oh, i see how it is. If it's a fight you want, THEN PREPARE TO MEET YOUR DOOOOOOM!

Bird: ~Shoots a laser from its mouth~

~Laser shoots pedro down~


Peppa: My love! ~runs to catch Pedro~

~Pedro lands in Peppa's arms~

Peppa: i'll never let you go, Pedro

Pedro: But Peppa, we've sworn to go our seperate ways!

Peppa: Forever may not last forever, But my massage chair has a fear of ducklings :)

Pedro: I guess our love is true.

Peppa: It's MORE than true. It's fake!

~They both kiss~


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