The Movies were big Now This Will Be Big
— Ballerinagirl
Peppa's Account On Peppapedia (PAOP) is a series were we focus on Peppa and George's Account on Peppapedia which started with the Peppa Gets an Account On Peppapedia 1,2, and 3


Peppa: she has a green dress with white poka dots her user name is Peppaworld25 also see Peppa P!g

George: George Pig his user name is GeorgetheDino

Mummy Pig: Mummy Pig

Daddy Pig: Daddy Pig he works all the time his user name is BLOCKMEPLEASE22B

Paul Pig: he thinks that George is crazy when he cries


Season One

Peppa Changes Her Avatar...AGAIN!

George Stop Reading Rated 12 Pages

A Surprise


You're Blocked

Into the Fanon

Back to school

Season Two

George and Peppa are...

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