The Movies were big Now This Will Be Big
— Ballerinagirl
Peppa's Account On Peppapedia (PAOP) is a series were we focus on Peppa and George's Account on Peppapedia which started with the Peppa Gets an Account On Peppapedia 1,2, and 3


Peppa: she has a green dress with white poka dots her user name is Peppaworld25 also see Peppaworld25

George: George Pig his user name is GeorgetheDino

Mummy Pig: Mummy Pig

Daddy Pig: Daddy Pig he works all the time his user name is BLOCKMEPLEASE22B

Paul Pig: he thinks that George is crazy when he cries

Ren Hoek: an amnesiac, he is very creepy according to Peppa and George.

Stimpy: Ren's best friend, he is very stupid and has an IQ of 500 and thinks that when George cries, he goes insane.


Season One

  1. Peppa Changes Her Avatar...AGAIN!
  2. George Stop Reading Rated 12 Pages
  3. A Surprise
  5. You're Blocked
  6. Into the Fanon
  7. Back to school

Season Two

8. George and Peppa are...

9. George wants a Virtual Girlfriend

10. Meet Ren Hoek

11. Peppa goes apeshit over Bubsy

12. Godammit

13. The Peppaland Fanbase

14. Straight to Oink, Part 1

15. Straight to Oink, Part 2

16. Straight to Oink, Part 3

17. Straight to Oink, Part 4

18. Where's Paul

19. Meet Stimpy

20. Teenage Peppa

21. My Crappy Parents

22. Gay Homosexuals

23. Peppa's a Pig

24. Lol Lol, i'm PinkSheep

25. Oink off Peppa!

26. Peppa.exe

Season Three