Peppa's Bad Luck Is My Favorite Episode Of Peppa Pig.

The Title Card Is Called "Peppa's Bad Luck". It's The Episode.

Peppa Gets Bad Luck, Peppa Got Hurt Real Bad.


(Peppa Pig Opening Plays)

Peppa Pig: I'm Peppa Pig! (Snorts)

Peppa Pig: This Is My Little Brother, George.

George Pig: (Snorts Twice)

Peppa Pig: This Is Mummy Pig! Mummy Pig: (Snorts)

Peppa Pig: And This Is Daddy Pig! Daddy Pig: (BIG LOUD SNORT)

All: (Laughs)

Peppa Pig: Peppa Pig! (Snorts)

Peppa Pig: (Reading A Title Card) Peppa's Bad Luck.

Narrator: Peppa Is A Wonderful Day Playing Jumping Up And Down In Muddy Puddles.

Peppa Pig: (Snorts) What A Wonderful Day. First, Take Your Shoes Off. (Shoes Is Off) Then, Put Your Boots On. (Boots Are On) And Last But Not Least, I Can Jump In Muddy Puddles. (Giggles, Snorts And Jumps In Puddles)


Peppa Pig: (Giggles, Snorts, Sighs)

Peppa Pig: Oh. It's Dirty. Time To Go Take A Bath. (Takes A Bath

Peppa Pig: ❇ La la la la la la la❇ Finished!

Peppa Pig: Time To Go Brush My Teeth. Where Is The Toothpaste? Ah-ha! There It Is! (Toothpaste Squeezes On Peppa Pig) Well, It's Too Much Toothpaste. I Need Some Water. ( Water Splashes On Peppa Pig) Oh.

Peppa Pig: Hello, Mummy Pig! Hello, Daddy Pig!

Mummy And Daddy Pig: Hello, Peppa!

Peppa Pig: I Can Go Do Some- (Slips On A Banana Skin) WHOA! OOF!

George Pig: (Laughs)

Peppa Pig: (Sighs) George, I Think It's Not Funny At All. (Snorts) Mummy, I Got 3 Bad Lucks Because I Squeezed The Toothpaste At Myself And Splashed The Water On Myself And Slipped On The Banana Skin With George.

Mummy Pig: You Know What, Peppa? I Guess Peppa Has Some Good Luck. So No More Hurting Peppa.

Peppa Pig: Alright, Mummy. (Snorts) Let's Go, Family!

Narrator: Peppa And Her Family Are Going To The City.

(Peppa And Her Family Go To The City)

Peppa Pig: Hey! Look! A Coin! I'm Going To Catch The Coin First. (Giggles and gets the coin)

Mummy Pig: Be Careful, Peppa! Don't Drop it Onto The... (Coin Falls) Ground.

Peppa Pig: Oh It's No Use.

Peppa Pig: I Am Just Having All The Bad Luck. No Good Luck. (Snorts)

Daddy Pig: Don't Worry, Peppa! (Snorts) It Is Good Luck, You Know That, Peppa?

Peppa Pig: No It's Not.

Peppa Pig: Oh. It's The Coin Again! I Can Catch Right Over... WHAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!! WHOA! Oof!(falls) See? Bad Luck. (Coin Rolls Over)

Daddy Pig: Sorry, Peppa. It's Only A Bad Luck.

Peppa Pig: (Sighs).

Mummy Pig: Let's Go To The Carnival.

Peppa Pig: Yes! (Snorts) Yes! A Carnival! (Laughs)

(They Go To The Carnival)

Peppa Pig: (Singing) We're Going To The Carnival! We're Going To The Carnival! We're Going To The CarnivAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLL!!!!!!

Peppa Pig: WHOA WHOA WHOA!!! WAAAAAAAAAAH!!!! (Bumps Upside Down) See? Bad Luck. (Coin Rolls Over) (Sighs)

Daddy Pig: Oh, Jeez.

Mummy Pig: Don't Worry, Daddy Pig. I Can Move This. Peppa, You Are Not Having Bad Luck. Because Those Ones Are Not Hurt.

Miss Rabbit: Balloons! Get Some Balloons!

Narrator: Miss Rabbit Is A Customer.

Peppa Pig: Hello, Miss Rabbit!

Miss Rabbit: Hello, Peppa! How Are You Doing Today?

Peppa Pig: Um... Pretty Good. (Snorts)

Miss Rabbit: I See. But I Got The Balloon For Peppa. (Gives Peppa A Balloon)

Peppa Pig: (Laughs) Thank You, Miss Rabbit.

Miss Rabbit: You're Very Welcome, Peppa!

Peppa Pig: This Is The Best Balloon Ever!

Miss Rabbit: Hello, George. What Balloon Do You Want?

George Pig: Dine-saw.

Miss Rabbit: Oh. A Dinosaur? Well, Why Not? Here You Go, George! This Is A Dinosaur Balloon. (Gives George A Dinosaur balloon)

George Pig: (Laughs, Snorts) Dine-saw! GRRR!!!

Narrator: George Loves Dinosaur Balloons.

Peppa Pig:(Her Balloon Makes Her Fly) ❇La la la la la la la la la❇ Wow! A Bigger Balloon! ❇La la la la la la la la la❇ Wow! A Biggest Balloon! ❇La la la la la la la la❇ (Flows Up) Huh, Where Are My Family? AAAHHH! My Balloon Is Super Big!

Narrator: Oh no! Peppa Has Got The Biggest Balloon, It Goes Up All Away To The Moon!

Peppa Pig: Help, Mummy Pig! Help, Daddy Pig! HEEEELP!!!

Peppa Pig: It's Not Working Anymore. Oh No! Not The Cactus!(Touches Cactus) OW! EEK! OUCH! OOH! OW! That Cactus Is Very Prickly And It Hurts Badder Than Ever.(Sees Chickens) OH NO! NOT THE CHICKENS! HEY! STOP IT! CUT IT OUT! WOW! I Really Am A Chicken.

Peppa Pig: Oh No! Not A Prickly One! You Gonna Pop It, And I'm Sorry! ( Balloon Pops And Peppa Falls Off) AHHHHHHH!!! OUCH! See? Bad Luck. (Coins Rolls Over) (Sighs)

Daddy Pig: Oh Goodness me! Sorry, You Got Bad Luck, Peppa.

Peppa Pig: Who Cares, Daddy. I Can Use Bad Luck. And I Never Resist After One! (Walks Away) And I Only Think That They Can Go Home Until We Change.

Daddy Pig: Oh, Poor Peppa. She Has Got A Bad Luck.

Mummy Pig: It Sure Is.

Peppa Pig: (Sighs)

Daddy Pig: Hello, Peppa.

Peppa Pig: Hello, Daddy Pig.

Daddy Pig: Oh, This Is All My Fault, Peppa. You Got A Bad Luck. Because Those Bad Lucks Are Very Very Dangerous.

Peppa Pig: It's Okay, Daddy Pig. You Did Your Best. (Excited) But Don't Worry, I Can Have A Good Luck For Sure, That's Why.

Daddy Pig: That's A Good Girl, Peppa.

Peppa Pig: My Pressure, Daddy Pig. (Snorts) Now Let's Go For A Walk Into The Street.

Peppa Pig: Oh, I Can't Believe You Got A Good Luck. Because It's Not A Bad Luck Anymore. We Have Just Been Friends.

Mummy Pig: That's A Good Girl, Peppa. From Now On, I Can't Wait To See The Carnival Tomorrow. (Car Splashes Mummy Pig) AAAHHH!!!

Peppa Pig: (Uses The Umbrella) See? Good Luck!

Peppa Pig, George Pig, Mummy Pig, And Daddy Pig: (Laughs)

(Ending Credits)