This episode has been banned due to because it has swearing.
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Peppa: Those jerks deserve a death.

Petunia Pig: I agree.

George: Even more.

Harry Smith: What?


Harry Smith: This is not America it's London

Morten Larsen: HELP ME *gets shot by Mac+Cool and dies but survives and gets sent to the Neighborhood of Make Beleive*

Mac+Cool: WHOTHEF*CKCARES *throws Harry Smith into a coffin and he can never get out and throws him into the Pacific Ocean*

David Marshall: Uh...I don't want to

Mac+Cool: Are you scared ya big bully coward ohhhh.

David Marshall: Yes.

Mac+Cool: Guess you're not a bully anymore.

[Switches to Harry Smith in a dessert]

Harry Smith: *wakes up* What happend?

Mater: You're in Radiator Springs the cutest little town in Route 66.

Harry Smith: *wakes up for real* What a crazy dream and why am I in a deluxe coffin?

[Switches back to David Marshell]

David Marshell: OHGOD....


David Marshell: *turns into Willard Scott's Ronald McDonald suit*

Willard Scott: Look, it's my original Ronald McDonald suit. I'm going to donate it to the unofficial McDonald's Museum in San Bernardino, California.

Original Ronald McDonald Suit: Oh cr@p

Willard Scott: *takes him and his original Ronald McDonald suit into a plane to San Bernardino* Bye.

Ellie McCoy: What about me?

Mac+Cool: How are you...."pestle packing mama"?

Ellie McCoy: *looks at Mac+Cool*

Mac+Cool: Sorry.

Ellie McCoy: Should I go to Hollywood?

Mac+Cool: Yes and with me.

Ellie McCoy: Yes.

[Mac+Cool and Ellie McCoy leave and take a plane to LA]

Peppa Pig: We're free!

Daddy Pig: Peppa, Petunia, and George you're back.

The End