Peppa's Crazy Crossover with Gumball and Darwin is an episode of Peppa Pig. This is a crossover between The Amazing World of Gumball, Peppa Pig, Angela Anaconda, Spongebob, Mr. Rogers Neighborhood Neigborhood of Make Believe only, and many more. It is the largest crossover ever on Peppapedia besides Priscilla Pig.


[The episode starts off outside Peppa's house, it zooms inside while the narrator speaks]

Narrator: Peppa is really bored and depressed.

Peppa Pig: I'm bored...

Mummy Pig: How about you call some friends?

[Peppa calls Gumball and Darwin]

Gumball: Waterson household, Gumball speaking.

Peppa: Can you come to my house with Darwin?

Gumball: Okay, but I have to bring my younger sister.

Darwin: Who are you talking to?

Gumall: Peppa.

[Peppa hangs up]

Peppa: Yeah!

Spongebob: Peppa can I go and get Patrick?

Peppa: Okay, sure.

[Gumball and his siblings arrive]

Peppa: Alright guys, wanna watch TV?

Gumball: Okay.

Anias: There's a Mr. Potato and Daisy the Donkey crossover.

[Everyone watches the Special]

Daisy the Donkey: I'm not really Daisy, I'm- [turns into Angela Anaconda]

Angela Anaconda: (singing) Hey guys! My name is Angela, hey ho! Welcome to my very own show! I'll introduce you to my friends!

Everyone: Eeeeek to scary!

Peppa: For heaven sake!

(Gordy pops out of the TV)

Peppa: Dude, this is like the third time you popped out of my TV!

Gordy: Angela is trying to destroy Mr. Potato!

Peppa: We better stop her then.

Gordy: Sorry and also Daisy the Donkey.

Anias: Oh no!

[Everyone travels to Angela's Universe]

Angela: Hello Peppa! Come on, defeat me. You WIMP.

Pepps: Okay.

Angela: *turns into Lady Elaine and the city turns into the Neighborhood of Make-Believe*

Mister Rogers: Geez, Lady Elaine has made a lot of trouble since the show ended.

Peppa Pig: Aren't you dead?

Mister Rogers: No, she kidnapped me in my sleep.

Peppa: Oh.

Mac+Cool: Lady Elaine is creepy

CreationBeTheWorld23: I agree.

2005EvimothCity: Even more.

Lady Elaine: I am not creepy.

Mac+Cool: In Daniel Tigers Neighborhood you're not.

Lady Elaine: That's true.

Clarence: Hi, pretty witch lady.

Jeff: Um...

Gumball: At least I didn't see Pizza Steve.

Pizza Steve: What's up.

Everyone: Your a real homie, Pizza Steve.

Pizza Steve: Thanks.

Lady Elaine: I'm not Angela anymore.

Everyone except Lady Elaine: What?

Lady Elaine: We're going to Disney World. 

Everyone: Yay.

[Everyone takes the trolley to Disney World]