Mummy Pig: Peppa, what holiday is tomorrow?

Peppa: Tomorrow's Easter, mummy. [sighs]

Mummy Pig: We can dye some eggs, right, Peppa?

Peppa: Right, mummy. [giggles]

[at the kitchen...]

Daddy Pig: Which dye color, George?

George: Blue! Blue's me favorite color! [giggles]

Daddy Pig: You win, George. Which one, Peppa?

Peppa: Red. Red is my favorite color.

Daddy Pig: You've already won, Peppa. You wanna dye some eggs, children?!

Peppa and George: Me!

Daddy Pig: Okay... [puts the egg into the blue paint] Wait for three minutes and close your eyes. And remember, no peeking.

Peppa and George: [they both shut their eyes] Mmm...

George: Me try to peek... [opens one eye] Ha-ha! Gotcha!

Daddy Pig: Hey! That's cheating! George peeked! [lifts the egg out of the blue paint] Presto change-o!

Peppa and George: Ooh! It's a blue egg! [they both giggle]

Peppa: Can I color some eggs, too?

Daddy Pig: Yes, Peppa. But don't crack the eggs.

Peppa: I'll be fine, daddy. [puts the egg into the rainbow paint] There. That should hold it. [giggles]

George: Me turn! [puts the egg into the orange paint] Red and yellow make orange! [giggles] It's mummy's favorite color.

Peppa: [lifts the egg out of the orange paint] George! Stop playing with the eggs! You might crack them!

George: [whimpers, then bawls violently] WAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!! [his tears fall into the rainbow paint and Peppa lifts the egg out of it]

Peppa: It's the teary-eyed rainbow egg! [giggles]

George: [stops crying] It is, big sister?!

Peppa: Yes! [giggles]


Daddy Pig: See, children? The eggs are finally dyed. Now we can put them in the fridge. [puts the eggs in the fridge]

Peppa: Ooh! Those eggs are sleeping in the fridge! [giggles]

George: There go the tear-eye rainy-bow egg! [giggles]

Mummy Pig: Bedtime, children.

Peppa and George: Ohhhh!

Peppa: Mummy, we're tired of coloring eggs. [yawns]

George: Me... [yawns softly] ...too.

Peppa: I, on the other hand, will go to bed with my two-year-old brother. [yawns, then walks upstairs]

[at Peppa and George's bedroom...]

Daddy Pig: Good night, my little piggies. Have some of your Easter dreams.

Peppa: Good night!

[Daddy and Mummy Pig leave the bedroom while turning off the lights]


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